Moment of Safety

December 1989; page 12; Volume 1, No. 3

From the context
of a moment of safety of
a full belly home to come home to
without bars on the window
bars on every corner
from a one bedroom
ivory tower
with two teeveees
hot water
no one knocking to get in
power on, keeping
beer-meat-bread for
From heaven I shout
into the wind of hell
cry for the homeless -
scattered characters
trapped in our American Dream
cry smash this state
that sends pigs to
beat, kill and paint over
the violence that is poverty,
pray thanks to a god
that is deaf or dead
that this dead-bolt keeps
those brothers/sisters on the other side
of the door Guilty as charged, I know -
         I'll still eat tomorrow and like it
Yes ...
As if I could steal safety
from the night
they walk in every day
I have faith in property
and lock the door shut


-Addison Goodson
Venice, California