Union referendum

November 1990; page 14; Volume 2, No. 2

Facts & Issues

Texas Union Dining Services Referendum
November 14/15, 1990

Due to rising overhead costs and state mandated wage increases, changes in the Union Dining Services (UDS) operation are necessary.
Currently, UDS covers its direct costs, but it has been unable to cover the full amount of related overhead expenses.
The purpose of the upcoming referendum is to decide whether to fund overhead costs for the current operation or to try an alternative food operation.
Neither option in this referendum addresses the long term financial concerns of the Texas Union as a whole.


Self Operation - Important facts:

  • Lower prices
    According to a study conducted by the UDS/Marketing Committee, the average UDS prices are lower than the food prices of surrounding vendors.
  • Responsive to students
    UDS has made initiatives in the area of environmental awareness (such as reusable and paper cups in place of polystyrene) and has consistently maintained a healthy, nutritious food selection.
  • Jobs
    UDS provides 63 full time and 150 part time employment opportunities to University students and Austin community residents.

    TOTAL UNION FEE with Self operation will not exceed $35.94 per long semester in Fall, 1991 (A $2.94 increase per long semester and a $1.47 per Summer session increase in the Texas Union fee will be required beginning in the Fall of 1991).

Independent Contractors - Important facts:

  • Bid specifications
    The bid specifications will be developed by the Board of Directors and are subject to State and University purchasing procedures. Some issues that will be addressed in the bid specifications are minority/women business ownership, local ownership, student employment, nutrition, and pricing.
  • Time frame
    The vendors will have an initial contract period of three years with two one year options to renew.
  • Jobs
    67 fun time and 150 part time positions will be eliminated in the Union and UDS. Outplacement and training workshops would be provided for these individuals. Potentially, jobs would be available with contract vendors and through other University departments.
  • Financial Structure
    The Union will receive a percentage of contract vendor gross revenue which can be applied to the Union's operating budget.

    TOTAL UNION FEE with Independent contractors will not exceed $33.00 per long semester beginning in Fall, 1991 (This option does not require a fee increase for the 1991-92 school year)

LOOK for the following activities...

  • Brown Bag Lunch on Wednesday, November 7 at 12 noon in the Eastwoods Room
  • Forum on Tuesday, November 13 at 3:30pm in the Presidential Lobby
  • Ads in the Texan
  • West Mall tables: Oct. 31; Nov. 2, 5, 8, 9, 12, 13 from 11:00 to 2:00
If you have questions or need more information, Board members call be reached at 471-1945, ext. 325 or come by the Board office (UNB 4.404) on the 4th level of the Union in the Student Activities Center.