Report on CISPES Work-A-Thon, November 1990

December 1990; page 9; Volume 2, No 3

Austin CISPES would like to thank those who contributed to a successful November 17 Work-a-thon. We are happy to report that we surpassed our volunteer and material aid goals!

Fifty-five volunteers participated in a day-long project of home rehabilitation and weatherization, coordinated by CISPES and the Austin Housing Resources Association. Through money pledged for hours worked, volunteers raised over $4,500 to support women community organizers in the San Salvador neighborhoods hardest hit by the war and economic crisis. Part of the money will go, as well, to supply hospital units of the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN).

Austin's Work-a-thon, in conjunction with work-a-thons and other "thons" in over sixty cities around the United States, brought in over $110,000 in material aid for FMLN and popular movement projects in El Salvador. The Austin project explicitly drew the connection between the struggle for adequate housing and human needs at home and the deadly use of U.S. tax dollars in El Salvador.

Austin CISPES looks forward to making the Work-a-thon an annual event and to continue agitating for revolutionary change at home and abroad.

A special thanks goes to the Austin Peace and Justice Coalition, Steve Biko Committee, National Lawyers Guild, Palestine Solidarity Committee, MEChA, and Todos Unidos.

CISPES Work-A-Thon
CISPES activists teamed up with Austin's Housing Resources Association on November 17 to rehabilitate homes in Austin. Volunteers gathered pledges of money for hours worked; over $4,500 will go toward FMLN and popular movement projects in El Salvador.

Photo by Peter Robertson