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(sub)TEX newspaper archive

(sub)TEX was an independent newspaper published by the (sub)TEX Collective. The Collective was a non-profit group that used the newspaper and other projects to provide a forum for critical debate on political, cultural, social and economic issues. The initiatives of (sub)TEX aimed at resisting oppression based on class, gender, race and sexual orientation. (sub)TEX attempted to dismantle boundaries between institutions, communities and identities, and assisted activist efforts to challenge these boundaries.

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(sub)TEX Volume 1, Issue #1 (May 1994)

Letters to the Editor
An Open Letter To Chancellor William H. Cunningham (UT and Freeport McMoRan)
by Steve Feld
Beyond Diversity
by Manning Marable
Defense of the Public Amidst the Privatization of Public Education
by Robert Heihn
Explosion in Texas Claims One Million Lives (Music Review)
by Rico
Fear and Loathing in Singapore and the Americans Who Love It
by Rahul Mahajan
Hey, Hey Buffet: Viva Casita Flameda (Restaurant Review)
by Gerg Steeb and Zub Narom
I am the Director!! I am the Director!!
by Manolo Callahan
The Internet: A Whole Other Universe
by Allan Alford
It's Our University: Privatize the Tower
by Tom Merritt
Pranking Talk Radio 'til It Hurts
by Dr. Shrimpy Scampers
Records in Review: "Stone Free, A Tribute to Jimi Hendrix"; "Happy All the Time", Les Thugs; "s/t", Scanner; "Louder than Hell", Tattooed Corpse
by Joel Schalit
The Revolt Against Development: The Crisis in Chiapas
by Chris Kutalik
UT Workers Win Victory: Expose College of Fine Arts Purge
by Travis Donoho
Varsity Contractors: Case Study in Privatization Failures
by Jim Kieke
Where's the Debt: The Texas Union and Franchising
by David Riddle and Patrick Burkart
Zen, Ginsus, and Japanese Rock'n'Roll in America
by Joel Schalit

(sub)TEX Volume 1, Issue #2 (September 1994)

Beyond Apartheid: South Africa's Struggle for Democracy
by Manning Marable
Brave New World Bank: 50 Years is Enough!
by Juliette Majot
A Maniac for All Seasons or Light a Candle for Tricky Dick!
by Rahul Mahajan
The Complicity of the West in the Rape of East Timor
by Noam Chomsky
A Guide to Investigating and Subverting the Entrepreneurialization of UT-Austin and Other State Universities
by Robert Ovetz
IMF/WB Facts
by Rahul Mahajan and Basav Sen
Letters to the Editor Never Printed: The Daily Texan and the Austin American Statesman Smother News of Queer Power
Maximum False Consciousness: The Political Economy of American Punk
by Joel Schalit
Report of the Comite de Solidaridad con Chiapas y Mexico on the National Democratic Convention, Chiapas, Mexico
Review: The Christal Methodists, Scripture Lips & Filter Tips: 1994, Goy Division Cassette
by Matthias Regan and Amy Partridge
The Student Union Privatization: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? The Mob!
by Patrick Burkart, Travis Donoho, and Paul Odekirk
Subcomandante Marcos's Address to the National Democratic Conference in Chiapas
by Subcomandante Marcos

(sub)TEX Volume 1, Issue #3 (November 1994)(pdf)

Believe It Or Not, Not Everyone Is Dying to Get out of Cuba
by lizzie curry martínez
Community Services Update
by The Barrio Students Resource Center (BSRC)
Critical Mass Bike Ride Report
by Jupiter O'Halloran
US Political Prisoners: Keith McHenry
by Jim Larkin
Haiti: A Chronology of Invasions and Integration into International Trade
by Salah Hassan and David Alvarez
Historicizing "The Troubles": Backgrounds of the Context of the IRA Ceasefire
by Katie Kane for The Irish Interest Group
InterNet: MUDS and Other M*s
by Allan Alford
Moral Depravity, Immigration Legislation and AIDS
by Pancho McFarlane
Nueva Ola, y Rock Alternativo Clandestine Surface Loudly in Houston
by Tammy Gómez
EZLN Letter and Communique (October 1994)
by Clandestine Indigenous Revolutionary Committee, General Command of the EZLN
One Mexico, Two Roads: Beyond the 1994 Elections
by Leopoldo Rodriguez and Elliott Young
Recipe for Being Man of the Year (From the mountians of Southeast Mexico)
by Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos
Tuition Is Theft: Support the Tuition Waiver Movement
by Nick Evans
El Zócalo
by Salah Hassan

(sub)TEX Volume 1, Issue #4 (December 1994)(pdf)

Eighth Annual San Antonio Inter-American Bookfair & Literary Festival
by Sheila Contreras
The World Wide Web Site and the Progressive Directory
by Chris Busiel
Austin's Critical Mass and the Austin Police Department
by Jupiter O'Halloran
Worried about Grade Inflation? ABOLISH GRADES!
by Harry Cleaver
The Drag
by Salah Hassan
December Is The Cruelest Month
by Luke Day
Social Justice Theories In Performance Poetry: Tammy Gómez
by Kamala Platt
Interview with Capitán Insurgente Maribel of the Zapatista National Liberation Army
by Eduardo Vera
Message EZLN Mayor Insurgente Moises
Zapatista Armed Path of Hope...
Students on Strike: Paris '94, Austin....
by Elliott Young and Isabella Toledo
Environmental Justice in Austin
Immigrant Bashing
by Elana Zilberg
Public Library: No Blankets, No Bedrolls
by Matthew Mulligan Goldstein
Run To the Border: Nuclear and Toxic Industries Find Opposition Where They Least Expected It
by Erin Rogers
Brave New World Bank: 50 Years Is Enough!
by Juliette Majot

(sub)TEX Volume 1, Issue #5 (February 1995)(pdf)

This issue's terrific cover art by Austin artist Russ Kubisiak

Letter to the Editor
People United Against Proposition 187
by John David Hitzfelder
National Caravan for Peace in Chiapas
by National Commission for Democracy in Mexico
Stop Zedillo's Dirty War!
Report from Austin Comité de Solidaridad con Chiapas y México
Quién es Marcos?
The Execution of Justice: Racism and the Death Penalty
by Salah Hassan
George Kozmetsky, Charles Hurwitz, the FBI and the Attempted Assassination of Judi Bari
by Jim Larkin
Environmental Justice: Continuing the Struggle for Civil Rights
from The People of Color Environmental Groups 1994-1995 Directory
Hamas: A Further Explanation
by Andy Clarno
1994 Austin/Derry Collaborative Mural Project: Remapping the Borders
by Bret Benjamin and Katie Kane for the Irish Interest Group
Temporary Protective Status/Deferred Enforced Departure (TPS/DED)
Political Asylum Project of Austin
The Economic Miracle That Wasn't: El Peso, the Fed and Social Unrest
by Leopoldo Rodríguez
Sierra Blanca Update
by Erin Rogers
Earth First! S.O.S. and Direct Action
by S.O.
The Graduate Student Assembly
a report on progress
Notes from Above Ground: TSEU and the Graduate Student Tuition Waiver
by Ray Watkins
Tuition Waiver Legislation
Texas House Bill No. 628 by Representative Glen Maxey
Women's Collective for KO.OP Radio:
From Conception and Labor to the Birth of Women's Voices on Community Radio in Austinby Tammy Gómez

(sub)TEX Volume 1, Issue #6 (April 1995)

This issue's terrific cover art by Austin artist Russ Kubisiak

Letters to the Editor
Nightmare on Cedar Ave.
Chale con Levi Strauss & Company: No Justice. No Jeans!
by Sheila Contreras
Ye shall (not)know the truth - The Lies of Texas are Upon You!
by Jonathan Durán
Contract on Students: Wanted Dead or Indebt
Tuition Remission: A Proposal
Testing the Waters for Proposition 187 in Texas?
by Peter Claire Haney
Breast Cancer: Making the Link to Environmental Toxins
by Susan Almanza and Sylvia Herrera
Earth First! Beats on Jim Bob Moffett
by Cedar Stevens
Waco-Back to Haunt Us
by Keenie Ni Leahai
Resistance and Guerrilla War in East Timor
by Jim Larkin
Ex-Secretary of State Baker Says US Policy on East Timor "A Mistake"
Free Radio Takes to the Airwaves
by Jesse Drew
Victory for Micro Power Broadcasting-Historical Defeat for the FCC
KO.OP: an Alternative Source of News and Public Affairs
Zapatistas Transcend Mexican Soap Opera
by Lucas Conde
"La Nave Va": The Third CND Launches the MLN into Dangerous Waters
by Elliott Young and Isabella Toledo Silvestre
Book Review: Zapatistas! Documents of the New Mexican Revolution
Reviewed by Chris Kutalik
Book Review: The Chiapas Rebellion by Philip Russell
Reviewed by Leopoldo Rodríguez
Movie Review: Gutiérrez Alea'sFresa y chocolate
Reviewed by Bill Paredes-Holt
Movie Review: Suri Krishnamma's A Man of No Importance
Reviewed by Matthew Mulligan Goldstein

(sub)TEX Volume 1, Issue #8 (October/November 1995)

Letter to the Editor
From Panthers to Pussycats
by Alli Aweusi
Guerilla Democracy: The EZLN Consults the People in Mexico and Abroad
by Elliott Young
New Men, Old Ideas: The Religious Right's Revival of Masculinity
by Liz Gore
What I Learned at the Christian Home Schooling Weekend
by Mary O'Grady
Building Global Solidarity on the US-Mexico Border
An Interview with Benedicto Orozco
Ford Workers Strike for Democracy and a Living Wage!
by Eric Meyer
Notes From Above Ground: the Texas State Employees Union
by Ray Watkins
Temp Slave!
reviewed by Red Beard
Grassroots Efforts Defeat Nuclear Waste Legislation
by Erin Rogers
Ruminations on Atmospheric Ruination
by Attwater Prairie-Chicken
Lush Greens, Muddy Waters: Global Issues of Golf Course Development
by Leopoldo Rodríguez
Golf Kills... Tepoztlan Lives!
by Elliott Young
Guatemala: Returning Refugees and the Role of the International Community
by Christopher Busiel
Armed Narration: Jennifer Harbury's Bridge of Courage
reviewed by Joey Slaughter
Rainey Street: Austin Neighborhood Under Assault
by Sheila Contreras
Filming with Fascists: The Horrible Wonderful Life of Leni Riefenstahl
reviewed by Natasha Sinutko
I am Cuba:
film review by Salah Hassan
Books: Televisionaries: The Red Army Faction Story, 1963-1993:
book review by Jim Larkin
Books: Telecommunications, Mass Media and Democracy: The Battle for the Control of U.S. Broadcasting:
book review by Jesse Drew
The GOP Convention: Protest Racist Attacks on Mexicans:
announcement of the Raza Rights Coalition