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VIEWPOINT: Dow now responsible for Bhopal (2006-01-30)

New York Moves to Limit Colleges That Seek Profit (2006-01-21)

UT M.D. Anderson private venture raises questions (2005-10-23)

Blackboard, WebCT to Merge (2005-10-14)

Easing the Copyright Challenge (2005-10-11)

UT Researchers compete for contracts (2005-10-05)

Rep wants report on colleges' anti-piracy efforts (2005-09-26)

Canadian Dimension articles on university privatization (2005-09-26)

Board selects company for hotel (2005-08-19)

UT System settles with Blackberry, signalling a more aggressive policy on protecting intellectual property (2005-08-02)

UT-A Ranks No. 1 as Source of New Fortune 1000 CEOs (2005-04-13)

New Associate VP for Research at UT-Austin (2005-07-13)

S.A. is set to compete for slice of new tech-fund pie (2005-07-03)

Turning research into a profitable enterprise (2005-07-02)
- UT Watch responds

UT obtains research institute funded by oil companies (2005-06-30)

Were UT Southwestern concerns on Vioxx silenced? (2005-06-09)

ConocoPhillips has given UT $8.7 million (2005-06-07)

Emerging Technologies Fund proposal gets nod but no money (2005-05-07)
- UT Watch responds

Alcoa receives award despite history of pollution (2005-04-15)

University of Alabama settles with NIH on overbilling (2005-04-15)

Cooking the Books (2005-04-14)

University, Inc. (2005-04-11)

Corporate College (2005-04-12)

Univ. of Texas sues over patents (2005-04-01)

Close the Spigot (2005-03-24)

UT files patent infringement suit against cell phone manufacturers (2005-03-22)

Hired Education (2005-02-01)

UT ranks No. 4 in patents received (2005-03-18)

University, Inc.: 10 Things You Should Know About Corporate Corruption on Campus (2005-02-27)

Student Loan Math (2005-02-17)

Schools have safeguards against conflicts of interest (2005-01-16)

Call for Berkeley students to support Ignacio Chapela (2004-12-07)

Quid Pro Crow: Arizona State's Prez puts the squeeze on Free Speech to please donors (2004-12-06)

Contracts Keep Drug Research Out of Reach (2004-11-29)

UCLA boots Taco Bell (2004-10-25)

Perry wants Texas to continue subsidizing business (2004-09-29)

Law school colloquium fixed on globalization (2004-09-10)

Opinion: Who defines corporate responsibility? (2004-09-10)
- UT Watch responds

Xechem v. University of Texas (2004-08-31)

Texas corp. with UT connections considers gas project in national forest (2004-08-10)
- UT Watch responds

Austin company helps police prepare for possible terrorism (2004-07-15)

Congress to scrutinize patent tax breaks (2004-06-15)

UT Professor is mired in patent lawsuit (2004-06-05)

$80 million biotech center subsidized by Texas, UT (2004-05-24)

UT to show how to make private profit off public goods (2004-05-20)
- UT Watch responds

UT System pays $30 million for new biotech (2004-05-11)

UT Inc trying new tech licensing deal (2004-04-25)

Representatives request federal funds for Sematech (2004-04-05)

Wrong time for $40 million tax giveaway to Sematech (2004-04-03)

UT to receive $10 million of Sematech money (2004-03-31)

Perry announces corporate welfare deal (2004-03-30)

UT to manage new tech center (2004-03-30)

More state money for Sematech (2004-03-29)

Berkeley Prof. Kirp discusses the marketing of higher education (Real Audio File) (2004-03-16)

Semiconductor Industry Expands University Collaboration (2004-03-16)

UT sues Japanese corp in patent suit (2004-03-15)

UT, Texas, and the Biotech future (2004-03-05)
- UT Watch responds

UT-Arlington collaborating with Vought Aircraft (2004-03-01)

Berkeley Denies Tenure to Ecologist Critical of University Ties to the Biotech Industry (2004-01-15)

Texas universities launching research network (2003-12-17)

Exxon Funding University Studies to Suit Corporate Need (2003-12-06)

UT-licensed nanotech firm raises $30 million (2003-12-02)

UT spin off- Molecular Imprints doubling in size (2003-11-24)

Failed biotech park in San Antonio funded mainly by UT (2003-11-24)

Groups criticize UT's ties to private prisons (2003-11-14)

Student Government Resolution against Taco Bell (2003-10-06)

UT to get supercomputer for TeraGrid (2003-10-06)

UT patents lure investors (2003-10-03)
- UT Watch responds

Exxon to bring historical archives to University (2003-10-02)

Exxon donates archives to UT (2003-09-30)

Industry Partnerships at Ontario's Universities Help Companies, Not Students, Report Says (2003-09-26)

UT joins team for computer development (2003-09-26)

Biotech firm with UT ties to get boost from federal regulators (2003-09-18)

Plan presented to boost local economy (2003-09-17)

UT researcher pushing for more wireless businesses (2003-09-14)

UT and Simon pair up for gift cards (2003-09-05)

Curtain rises on UT film institute (2003-09-05)

Boise Cascade Turns Green (2003-09-03)

UT team plans computer chip prototype of faster unit by year 2005 (2003-08-29)

Grid may put Austin on map (2003-08-04)

Bevo's Grill feeding off UT's fame, lawsuit says (2003-08-27)

Moot Corp director to open Nasdaq session (2003-08-21)

Oil giant considers UT to hold its archives (2003-08-21)

Optive developing grid computing (2003-08-04)

Viewpoint: Sweet, a UT golf course! (NOT.) (2003-07-21)

IBM in Austin (2003-07-13)

Universities seek to eliminate intellectual property right barriers (2003-07-11)

UT spins off another company (2003-07-09)

FSU loses patent claim (2003-07-07)

UT seeks to profit from the knowledge factory (2003-07-06)

Perry slices $81 million before approving budget (2003-06-25)

UT-D Gets $300-Million in Deal With Texas Instruments and State (2003-07-02)

Is corporate funding steering research institutions off track? (2002-02-05)

Texas Instruments plans chip factory near UT-Dallas (2003-06-28)

UT to sell Erwin naming rights to a corporation (2003-06-28)

Group aims high for tech (2003-05-05)

Former Sematech CEO to head UTD engineering school (2003-03-28)

Forum shows whats news with nanotech (2003-06-16)

Bid to Keep Sematech Invokes National Security (2003-06-15)

Nanotechnology research field 'growing' at UT (2003-06-13)

Freeport-McMoran Admits Funding Indonesian Military (2003-06-10)

Sematech Intends to Stay (2003-06-04)

Faulkner Strengthens Ties Between Economic Development and Education (2003-06-04)

Money for Sematech Could Come from State (2003-06-03)

UT seeking to sell naming rights to Erwin Center (2003-05-27)

Academia for Sale (Standards Included) (2003-05-17)

Kozmetsky gives $6 million to foster "global economic development" (2003-04-17)


Chinese students accuse Yale of discrimination (2005-10-20)

No Boys Allowed (2005-10-19)

Texas' diversity lures college recruiters (2005-10-15)

A Diversity Candidate in Every Pool (2005-10-14)

UT tries to make students of color comfortable (2005-10-10)

UT, A&M's diversity efforts questioned (2005-10-03)

Flagship university of Texas seeks to boost diversity (2005-10-03)

Report: UT not meeting needs of Asian-Americans (2005-09-26)

What Black Applicants Want (2005-09-26)

Teetering on the Family Friendly Edge": Discrimination Against Mothers in Academia (2005-09-25)

Minority student enrollment up at University of Texas (2005-09-21)

Faux Family Friendly? (2005-09-15)

UT President should reflect diversity (2005-09-14)

Vice provost aims to open doors for minorities at UT (2005-09-12)


Transfer students flock to UT-Austin (2005-08-30)

Hispanic enrollment could double by 2015 (2005-07-22)

Colleges see rise in illegal aliens (2005-07-22)

Some groups say UT diversity still needs work (2005-07-01)

UT student victim of a hate crime (2005-06-09)

Filling the Racial Gap in Academia (2005-05-31)

Future of Top 10 Percent rule for college admissions secure for now (2005-05-29)

Senate panel to vote again on top 10 percent (2005-05-24)

NAACP releases manual of racial profiling at Texas colleges and universities (2005-05-22)

Minority and rural Senators kill Top Ten cap proposal (2005-05-22)

House looks to cap Top Ten to the dismay of many (2005-05-13)

Canned Hunts: Women Students at the University of Texas (2005-05-04)

Time to revisit campus statue debate (2005-04-08)

Scrap It or Cap It? What to Do With Texas' Top Ten Percent Law. (2005-04-08)

Top Ten bills voted out of committee (2005-04-05)
- UT Watch responds

Bill mandates diverse faculty (2005-04-05)

Top Ten debate shaping up (2005-04-04)

Faulkner supports cap on top 10 percent rule (2005-03-31)

UT Watch: Top 10 percent law vital for all Texans (2005-03-28)

Burying Books in Alabama (2005-03-26)

UT lacks diversity, USC professor says (2005-03-09)

Texas black colleges feel budget pinch (2005-03-08)

Lawmakers debate future of 10% law (2005-03-01)

Legislators discussing cap, repeal of state's top 10 statute (2005-02-27)

Rep. Dutton: Freshman class must be as diverse as football team (2005-02-22)

What would work better that the top 10 percent rule? (2005-02-25)

Top 10 percent may hurt minorities, report says (2005-02-24)

Many question top 10 percent rule (2005-02-20)

University of Houston to automatically admit applicants in top 20 percent (2005-02-19)

Viewpoint: 10 percent admissions rule needs to be scrapped (2005-02-17)

Sen. Jeff Wentworth wants to repeal Top Ten % law (2005-02-16)

Black enrollment: a new challenge (2004-12-06)

Editorial: Diversity Stymied (2004-11-29)

Enrollment decline by foreign grad students raises alarm bells (2004-11-04)

Grad School's International Glow Is Dimmed by Security Concerns (2004-10-27)

Professor in midst of discrimination lawsuit against UT (2004-10-28)

Women seeking tenure face discrimination (2004-10-22)

VIEWPOINT: Improving faculty diversity (2004-10-21)

Diversity post apt to be empty till 2005 (2004-10-12)

Chuck D talks rap, race, rage, reality (2004-09-29)

Texas educators want more Hispanics to earn diplomas (2004-09-29)

Blueprint for success; Educators want more Hispanics to earn diplomas (2004-09-28)

UT taking baby steps toward equality (2004-09-27)

Minority enrollment sees small jump (2004-09-24)

Colleges seeking multicultural growth hire new coordinators (2004-09-20)

UT Law School ranked numero uno for Hispanic students (2004-09-16)

UT student body slightly more diverse than 10 years ago (2004-09-15)

Diversity site requested (2004-09-10)

MLK vandalism in retrospect (2004-09-02)

Surveillance Video of MLK Vandalism (2004-08-23)

Texan calls on UT community to discuss, implement diversity proposals (2004-08-20)
- UT Watch responds

MLK Statue vandalized AGAIN! (2004-08-18)
- UT Watch responds

Report: Hispanics less likely to graduate (2004-07-15)

Texas not meeting college enrollment goal for Hispanics (2004-07-15)

Courting Minorities, Kerry Promises Expanded College Access (2004-07-13)

Get YCT out of my paper (2004-06-25)

Top Colleges Take More Blacks, but Which Ones? (2004-06-24)

Race-based admission decisions pass first-year mark (2004-06-23)

Opinion: Timing of Faulkner's statement on diversity does disservice to students (2004-06-15)

Diversity Plan Shaped in Texas Is Under Attack (2004-06-13)

Viewpoint: In lawsuits, another side to UT diversity (2004-06-02)

Gov. Perry says top 10 percent admissions law should be revised (2004-05-26)

UT, A&M noted for minority gap (2004-05-11)

Viewpoint: Using race in scholarships (2004-04-20)
- UT Watch responds

Diversity's False Solace; It's Still the Rich Who Get into Top Schools (2004-04-11)

Faulkner yet to respond to race report (2004-03-11)

More black students apply for UT admission (2004-02-16)

UT System considers racial report's input (2004-02-04)

Diversity task force findings seen before (2004-01-30)

'Resegregation' first-day topic of diversity symposium (2004-01-30)

Supporting the diversity report (2004-01-27)

UT's Report of the Task Force on Racial Respect and Fairness (pdf) (2004-01-22)

UT task force releases report on race relations (2004-01-21)

More than 100 female students and workers arrested at Yale (2003-12-14)

Texas at center of debate over race, admissions (2003-12-14)

Structural gender bias: Earning tenure hard for moms (2003-12-04)

UT still awaiting UT System approval of admissions proposal (2003-12-09)

Watch for regents decision on race over break (2003-12-09)

Task force delays report on race issue (2003-12-05)

Race may affect aid, recruiting (2003-11-26)

Really? UT not diverse (2003-11-25)

Grad school wants to use race in admissions (2003-11-12)

Opinion: The many merits of a diversity course (2003-10-22)

SG supports diversity resolution (2003-10-22)

Experts say minority enrollment on the rise (2003-10-10)

Post Hopwood-era recruiters focusing on minorities (2003-10-03)

Students want more proactive administration for diversity (2003-10-02)

Lt. Gov. Dewhurst wants review of college admission law (2003-09-26)

Affirmative action on hold at UT (2003-09-10)

Legal action attacking affirmative action unlikely (2003-09-02)

Court decision could affect UT financial aid (2003-09-02)

GLBT Center Finds a New Home (2003-08-29)

U. of Michigan Alters Admissions Use of Race (2003-08-29)

UT to include race in admissions selection (2003-08-18)

Editorial: UT must encourage diversity (2003-08-15)

Campuses can decide on affirmative action now (2003-08-08)

Regents will respond to Court ruling (2003-08-06)

International students may be deported (2003-07-22)

Ward Connerly not giving up on affirmative action (2003-07-09)

Affirmative action discussed in closed session (2003-07-08)

New admissions policy in two weeks (2003-07-03)

Opinion: Add college admissions to Legislature's 'to do' list (2003-07-02)

Green light given to new statues (2003-06-30)

GLBT students seek resource center (2003-06-30)

UC regent to push for race-data ban in Michigan (2003-06-29)

Minority students being used in high stakes world of testing (2003-06-29)

University putting race back into admissions factor (2003-06-28)

Supreme Court strikes down Texas sodomy statute (2003-06-26)

Private donors give scholarship money marked for minorities (2003-06-25)

Supreme Court ruling affects universities across the nation (2003-06-25)

No More Hopwood! (2003-06-24)

Viewpoint: Split decision best for society (2003-06-24)

Hue and Cry on 'Whiteness Studies' (2003-06-20)

High court upholds race as factor in college admissions (2003-06-23)

Texas Losing Ground in Educating Non-White Population (2003-06-12)

GLBTA starts Awareness Week in silence (2003-04-10)

UT Faculty lacks diversity (2003-04-10)

Bill addresses multicultural requirement (2003-04-07)

High court justices debate affirmative action (2003-04-02)

Friends of Affirmative Action (2003-04-01)

ID checks of Asians, black students are at higher rates than population (2003-02-25)

Faulkner gets grilled about race relations on campus (2003-02-18)

Groups Support University of Michigan Affirmative Action Case (2003-02-18)

Flaws Seen in Campus Policies Replacing Affirmative Action (2003-02-13)

For Hispanics, Barriers Can Complicate College (2003-02-10)

Student set to file complaint with UTPD for racial profiling (2003-02-07)

UT promises new sexual conduct code (2003-02-06)

Resolution opposing 10 percent rule passes (2003-02-05)

Decline of affirmative action a concern (2003-02-03)

The New Calculus of Diversity on Campus (2003-01-31)

Black Guide to Harvard Covers History and Tips (2003-01-31)

SG resolution opposes the 10 percent rule (2003-01-28)

Graduate schools hoping to improve minority enrollment with 10 percent rule (2003-01-30)

Student groups ask for minority statues on campus (2003-01-30)

UT proposes racial discrimination policy (2003-01-29)

Some Institutions back race admissions (2003-01-27)

UT diversity questioned at rally over King statue (2003-01-23)

Question of Isolating Minority Faculty at UT and Other US Universities (2002-10-29)

Further proof of race and gender discrimination at UT (2002-10-22)

Female Faculty still not treated as equals (2002-10-15)

UT practices discrimination against gays in new ways (2002-09-30)

National Security Advisor opposes Bush on Affirmative Action (2003-01-17)

US President opposes affirmative action (2003-01-15)

Resolution calls for repeal of sodomy law (2003-01-15)

Affirmative Action Faces a New Wave of Anger (2003-01-05)

ACTION ALERT: Support student government bill AR20! (2002-12-09)

Other thoughts on diversity (2002-12-06)

Effects of Hopwood at Rice (2002-12-06)

Affirmative Action's effects on UT's Law School (2002-12-03)

Those rejected to Michigan Law School to fight Affirmative Action (2002-12-02)


UT gets smaller piece (2006-01-30)

Congress Balances the Budget on Student's Backs (2006-01-18)

Congress May Cut Student Aid - AGAIN (2006-01-18)

The Abandonment of Community Colleges (2006-01-16)

Size of UFCU's "Initial Gift" Misleading (subscription) (2005-10-20)

Taxpayer support for colleges sinks (2005-10-18)

Famed professor, university at odds over large donation (2005-10-10)

Fitch Rates Texas A&M $20MM PUF Note Installment 'AAA/F1+' (2005-09-30)

Amer. U's Prez's Expenses Examined (2005-08-03)

Raise for Harvard's President Led Board Member to Quit (2005-08-02)

Harvard Corp. Board Member's Letter of Resignation (2005-08-02)

UH seeking $600 million image boost (2005-07-30)

House Passes Tuition Revenue Bonds (2005-07-25)

UT Competes for Bush Library (2005-07-24)

Deadline looms for vote on school bills (2005-07-16)

UT-Austin wouldn't get bond reimbursement under special session legislation (2005-07-13)

Money over matter: PCL lost a periodicals desk but gains a coffee shop (2005-07-11)

Rep. Doggett: Bush's plan cuts grant funding (2005-07-01)

Other Bills in the Wings at Special Session (2005-06-27)

Congressional testimony on why higher education funding should be cut (2005-04-19)

American Enterprise "scholar": Slash Higher Ed funding (2005-06-20)
- UT Watch responds

UT athletic budget leaps by 57% (2005-06-19)

Low on funds? UT to build $800 million medical facility in Austin (2005-06-22)

Registrar set to disconnect telephone registration "TEX" (2005-06-21)

Border projects take a hit (2005-05-30)

Must Texas Starve Its Colleges? (2005-05-07)

Committee approves state budget (2005-03-30)

14-hour flat rate may cost University (2005-03-29)

Carlos Guerra: Texas must invest now in training its health-care workforce (2005-03-29)

Coaches' Pay Surge Roils Colleges: $230,000 to Train Runners (2005-03-29)

UT student services funds stagnating (2005-03-25)

Lawmakers inclined to boost UT-Austin's budget (2005-03-26)

Biotech money wanted for education programs (2005-03-12)

UT's aid increases below national average (2005-03-07)

UT Austin has annual economic impact of $7.4 billion on state economy, study finds (2005-03-04)

UT System explains unspent funds but not why libraries are still closed (2005-03-01)

$115 million left over in UT System fund (2005-02-28)

Legislature could halt, reverse progress at UT-Brownsville (2005-02-27)

Sleepless in the Falls (2005-02-25)

Top endowments (2004-12-27)

UT System not lagging funds? (2005-02-17)

Spending, enrollment up for 2004 (2005-02-16)

University endowments see high rate of return (2005-01-25)

UT excellence suffering (2005-01-27)

Texas colleges facing the budget ax (2005-01-19)

UT may face reduced state funding (2005-01-19)

Bush proposes modest Pell Grant award increase (2005-01-18)

Legislature hasn't kept pace with enrollment, UT System says (2005-01-12)

Legislative budget cuts loom for UT (2004-12-10)

SG Passes Rez calling on increased state appropriations (2004-12-06)
- C125 supports increased state appropriations (Recommendation 7)

UT oil, gas leases earn $73.5 million (2004-11-22)

Top pay for college presidents up again (2004-11-15)

Dick Armey's forces defeat state taxes to support higher ed. (2004-11-12)

UT regents approve construction, renovations (2004-11-05)

Regents to consider hotel, East Mall revamp (2004-11-02)

Board approves 3 construction plans for UT (2004-11-01)
- UT Watch responds

Auditor faults cash controls at UT Health Science Center (2004-10-15)

UT buys parking lot, planning on building hotel (2004-10-14)

UT Regents to discuss purchase of 2 hospitals, investment disclosure (2004-10-11)
- UT Watch responds

Commission says UT doesn't give students well-balanced education (2004-10-01)

"We're Texas" fund bigger than expected (2004-09-30)

Some News on the UT Charter School (2004-09-24)

Cramped campus life (2004-09-22)

Private money will no longer supplement chancellors' salaries in Missouri (2004-09-16)
- UT Watch responds

Budget crunch includes work-study (2004-09-15)

Salary hikes included in new budget; Faulkner sees fattest increase (2004-09-14)

UT meets 'goals' with budget increase (2004-09-13)

Below the budget storm clouds, plans form for a UTMB campus (2004-09-10)

Housing fees up 5 percent from last year (2004-08-27)

Regents boost system budget by 8.7 percent (2004-08-13)

A student and her money are soon to part: How to manage finances when in college (2004-08-16)

Deloitte and Touche to perform UT audit (2004-07-21)

New Wet Lab building lacks classroom space (2004-03-31)


UT System wants $7 billion for expansion (2004-03-12)

Texas' colleges lag in excellence, resources and organization (2004-03-05)

Funding cuts threaten Texas' universities with mediocrity (2004-02-28)

Reaction to Texas' absence from top universities list is muted (2004-02-28)

"Best practices" yield savings at UT (2004-01-23)
- UT Watch responds

UTSA plans $108 mil. in building projects (2003-12-09)

The arms race in big business college athletics (2003-12-07)

UT planning on building a hotel (2003-12-02)

Anonymous Donor Gives $50-Million to UT Southwestern Medical Center (2003-11-14)

Tuition, schmuition! Let's get ready for some arena football (2003-11-12)

Hidden Costs of High Public Pay (2003-11-10)

Mall developer Simon will pay $130 million to lease UT land (2003-11-06)

UT seeks flexibility in fund raising (2003-10-23)

University fund raising pt 1 (2003-10-22)

Regents to see $12.3M pool plan (2003-10-08)

Audit shows UTSA mismanagement (2003-10-06)

Firing 500 staffers makes trash pile up (2003-10-02)

Jackson gift now totals $272 million (2003-09-25)

$232 million gift to UT geosciences (2003-09-25)

Baton Rogue sees UT as model to link research to private sector (2003-09-24)

Underfunding hurts popular department (2003-09-19)

Strategic budget cuts hit CMAS Books (2003-09-12)

As State Colleges Cut Classes, Students Struggle to Finish (2003-08-24)

Universities in Decline (2003-08-26)

UGL early voting ends due to budget woes (2003-09-10)

Interim report calls for 5-year graduation limit (2003-09-09)

University assessing expenditure options limited by tight budget (2003-08-28)

UT to build biomed site at J.J. Pickle campus (2003-08-25)

UT revives plan to build hotel, conference center (2003-08-21)

UT gets $4.5M grant for drug abuse research (2003-08-20)

A&M administrative salaries rising less than UT's (2003-08-17)

Despite $70 million gain, UT cuts $14.2 million (2003-08-12)

Regents to decide on budget (2003-08-08)

UT approves $1.4B budget for Austin campus (2003-08-08)

Faulkner getting a raise (2003-08-08)

Regents approve $7.8B budget (2003-08-08)

Budget Crisis? - UT Budget set to increase 8% (2003-08-07)

UT system administrative salaries on rise (2003-08-05)

UT's Houston health center criticized (2003-07-29)

Writing Center reducing hours and benefits (2003-07-24)

Legislators question UT administrative costs (2003-07-24)

Faulkner: UT won't buy Motorola site (2003-07-22)

Donor applauds UT after receiving honor (2003-07-21)

UT unlikely to purchase extra land (2003-07-18)

UT's 'anonymous' benefactor receives top honor from alumni group (2003-07-16)

UGL computer lab will close at midnight in fall (2003-07-15)

Think Fast: UTA supercomputer (2003-07-10)

Lawmakers shouldn't make cuts (2003-04-06)

Reasons why the faculty should not trust the administration (2001-05-02)

Is UT Making Unnecessary Cuts? (2003-03-07)

When It Goes Wrong at a Charter School (2003-03-05)

Senators criticize Yudof on funding (2003-03-08)

Flat-broke UT spends another $15 million (2003-03-10)

UT looks to expand campus to East Austin (2003-03-05)

Budget cuts could worsen class overcrowding (2003-02-25)

Budget forces business school to cut classes (2003-02-20)

New cuts mean less jobs (2003-02-20)

Justifying a Liberal Arts Education in Hard Times (2003-02-19)


Donate to the NYU Strike Hardship Fund (2006-01-26)

Academic Labor Rights May Hang in the Balance (2005-10-27)

Sweatshop panel urges UW use of union labor (2005-10-18)

Professor who took down Jim Wright denied tenure at UT (2005-10-14)

New Approach to Tenure (2005-10-03)

Judge Backs Universities on Same-Sex Benefits (2005-09-30)

Quick Takes: U. of Maryland Speech Policy Upheld, Fla. Board Sides With Faculty Union (2005-09-13)

UT Central Receiving to privatize, cut jobs (2005-07-14)

Students at UNC-Chapel Hill are Fighting Aramark's Union-Busting (2005-06-21)

Cents and Sensibility: Students fight and win on living wage at campuses nationwide (2005-06-23)

UT staff deserves a pay raise (2005-06-23)

Georgetown Hunger Stike for Living Wage Ends (2005-03-24)

UT employees may attain direct TRS representation (2005-03-23)

Rallying for rights (2005-01-19)

Finding a voice for custodians (2004-12-07)

Student group encourages Taco Bell boycott (2004-10-28)

Decision bars unionizing of grad students (2004-09-29)

Faculty council shelves grievance policy (2004-09-28)

Cutting needed bus services saves some money (2004-09-27)

Associate Professor to study how to retain science teachers (2004-09-24)

Shuttle bus drivers torn over final contract (2004-09-21)

Viewpoint: Texas neglects employees (2004-09-21)

Shuttle contract resolved (2004-09-14)

UT institutes new staff grievance policy (2004-09-02)

Professor alters faculty grievance policy (2004-09-03)

New overtime laws won't apply to currently ineligible UT workers (2004-08-26)

Bus drivers continue contract negotiation (2004-07-27)

Labor Board Says Graduate Students at Private Universities Have No Right to Unionize (2004-07-26)

Fired shuttle bus drivers get their jobs back (2004-05-06)

Shuttle drivers will strike only as last resort (2004-04-30)

Sweatshop Universities: Contingent Faculty and the New Academic Labor System (2004-04-23)

Will Universities Lock Out Students? (2004-04-23)

A reminder from a UT shuttle driver (2004-04-15)

Union workers, UT students protest firing of 2 shuttle bus drivers (2004-04-13)

2 bus drivers fired after going to rally (2004-04-12)

Bus drivers' rally attendance stirs conflict (2004-04-06)

UT Shuttle Worker Update 4/2004 (2004-04-05)

Yo No Quiero Taco Bell: Farmworker Struggles and the Legacy of César Chavez (2004-03-31)

UT staff may face higher insurance costs for first time since 2001 (2004-03-23)

Group seeks student support of shuttle workers' struggle (2004-03-11)

Letter from a UT shuttle bus driver to Capital Metro (2004-03-10)

Shuttle Bus Drivers Reject Latest Offer (2004-03-05)

SG Bus Driver Support Resolution (2004-03-03)

SG resolution supports bus drivers (2004-03-03)

More Privatization: Jester Store to be replaced with burger joint (2004-03-01)

Bus Drivers Back Books not Bombs (2004-03-01)

Faulkner plans raises for UT staff in next year's budget (2004-02-20)

Students unite to support UT shuttle drivers (2004-02-20)

UT bus drivers seek pay comparable to other drivers' (2004-02-19)

Shuttle union members feel too many obstacles out of their control to reach agreement (2004-02-18)

Bus driver union wants UT to help better their wages, benefits (2004-02-17)

Bus drivers go to UT community (2004-02-10)

Text from UT Shuttle Drivers Brochure (2004-02-09)

Pictures from UT Shuttle Drivers Informational Picket (2004-02-09)

UT should support shuttle bus drivers (2004-02-09)

UT shuttle bus drivers demand raises (2004-01-27)

UT Bus drivers earn significantly less than other drivers (2004-01-20)

Class Struggle 101 at Universities (2003-10-22)
- UT Watch responds

AFL-CIO president, union workers arrested at rally for Yale strikers (2003-09-13)

Teaching assistant posts dwindling (2003-09-04)

Yale workers strike (2003-08-28)

Medical training may be intensified (2003-08-25)

UT Prop shop employees cut (2003-08-11)

UTA in time of transitions (2003-08-08)

UT System is clarifying benefits for workers weighing retirement (2003-07-24)

Grad students don't receive pay raises (2003-07-07)

Official UT layoff count reaches 120 (2003-07-07)

Departments begin to lay off staff members (2003-07-02)

UT evaluates faculty hiring procedures (2003-07-01)

UT employees take retirement incentive (2003-07-01)

Faculty raises halted at least until January (2003-06-10)

Part time employees to receive raise (2003-06-27)

Regents raise insurance rates for UT employees (2003-06-17)

Most UT Staff will not get a raise this year (2003-05-23)

Graduate Students look to Unite (2003-05-05)

UT: Those who don't take $16,000 now might be laid off in August (2003-04-29)

Layoffs may be necessary, UT officials say (2003-04-28)

Cutbacks Imperil Health Coverage for States' Poor (2003-04-28)

State workers demand better cure for budget (2003-04-10)

State workers live in limbo (2003-04-01)

5,000 Yale Workers Plan to Go on Strike (2003-03-01)


UT Not in the Bomb Business: UC & Co. Win Los Alamos Contract (2005-12-21)

Secrecy, security problems at Lockheed-run Sandia; Is UT-Lockheed team going to better manage Los Alamos? (2005-12-07)

Justices Hear Military Recruiting Case (2005-12-06)

Survey: Lab workers feel vulnerable (2005-11-28)

U.S. alters nuclear weapons policy (2005-11-28)

UTSA opens biodefense lab (2005-11-15)

More nukes, more plutonium pits to soon come out of Los Alamos (2005-11-09)

UT-Lockheed recruit for Los Alamos (2005-10-29)

Los Alamos Alliance storefront handout material (2005-10-12)
- UT Watch responds

Army in Worst Recruiting Slump in Decades (2005-10-04)

GMU student arrested for protesting military recruitment (2005-09-30)

Student Government or Student Humor? (2005-09-21)

UTMB virus lab preparing for Rita (2005-09-21)

Group to ask CU regents for hearing on Lockheed bid (2005-09-07)

How UT Learned to Love the Bomb (2005-09-08)

UT-Lockheed Martin bid team makes push for Los Alamos (2005-08-31)

UTSA Receives Grant for Potential Bioweapon Research (2005-08-30)

CU-Boulder prof fired by Lockheed? (2005-08-30)

UTMB biologist quits over anthrax-lotion claims, scientific misconduct (2005-08-24)

Head of LockMart/UT Los Alamos bid wants to scrap the NPT (2005-08-16)

Los Alamos Mishaps May Cost UC, Help UT (2005-08-15)

Mishaps at Los Alamos Fuel Criticism (2005-08-11)

Carnegie Mellon Uni's Robot Soldier (2005-08-10)

Academic R&D Doubled During Past Decade (2005-07-29)

UT's Los Alamos bid includes a network of other universities (2005-07-27)

Lab official says academic network larger than UT's proposal (2005-07-24)

University of Washington gives up on bioterror lab (2005-07-22)

Renewal at Los Alamos Weapons Lab Resurrects Deeper Debate (2005-07-22)

Los Alamos official casts aspersion on UT's "Academic Alliance" (2005-07-22)

DoD proposes to tighten rules on foreign scientists (2005-07-22)

Texan: Deconstructing Los Alamos (2005-07-21)

UT submits proposal bid for Los Alamos, nuke watchdogs also bid (2005-07-20)

The Economist on Nuclear Labs (2005-07-07)

Power and Money in Los Alamos Contract (2005-07-17)

UC and Los Alamos: A hasty union that's endured (2005-07-11)

U.S. nuclear demands show hyprocrisy (2005-07-08)

Read "Sustaining the Nuclear Enterprise," the report by LANL, SNL scientists calling for new nukes (pdf) (2005-05-20)

LANL & Sandia Scientists back new US nuclear weapons (2005-06-29)
- UT Watch responds

Professors question MIT's treatment of missile defense critic (2005-06-20)

U.S. Rep. Pete Domenici, R-N.M., pushes his nuke budget (2005-06-15)

UC given 8 month extension at Los Alamos (2005-06-11)

NNSA officials answer questions about management of Los Alamos (2005-06-13)

Federal government ready to pay for Los Alamos land (2005-06-11)

UT gets $$$ from defense budget (2005-06-09)

Whistleblower at Los Alamos brutally beaten (2005-06-07)

Scientific productivity down at Sandia under LockMart? (2005-06-06)

Los Alamos fears brain drain (2005-06-04)

Beaker blast injures two Los Alamos workers (2005-06-01)

Remember Los Alamos! (2005-06-01)

University of California is ready to bid for Los Alamos Lab (2005-05-27)

Los Alamos RFP now online (2005-05-19)

UC, UT Vie For Weapons Lab Contract (2005-05-21)

A look at Los Alamos bidders (2005-05-20)

Lockheed May Have Edge Over Bechtel, Northrop in Los Alamos Bid (2005-05-20)

Former UT Watch member testifies to UT Board of Regents against Los Alamos bid (2005-04-28)

UT, flip flopping on their decision, to re-enter Los Alamos bid (2005-05-12)

Rep.: Why Not Close Los Alamos? (2005-05-10)

DOE studies environmental impact of Los Alamos (2005-05-10)

UTMB's biosafety lab may not be as open as promised (2005-05-08)

UT Watch joins panel on Los Alamos (2005-05-05)

Protesters Occupy University of Hawaii Admin Building (2005-05-04)

UT Expenses on LANL Bid (pdf) (2005-05-03)

UT Developing Rail Gun Tech for US Military (2005-04-29)

UT System reopens talks on bid for Los Alamos (2005-04-28)

Manufacturing the Homeland Security Campus and Cadre (2005-04-08)

Senator: Sandia could be model for Los Alamos Lab (2005-04-08)

System's relationship with Sandia formalized (2005-04-07)

Sandia and University of Texas System to sign memorandum of understanding (2005-04-06)

VIEWPOINT: Los Alamos lab bid redux (2005-04-05)

Regents To Discuss Renewed Bid on Los Alamos (2005-04-05)

UT System to reexamine Los Alamos (2005-04-04)

LANL Competition Shifts (2005-04-02)

UTexas, Lockheed teaming up for LANL race? (2005-03-31)

Army hits Panhandle beach as part of recruiting drive (2005-03-26)

Doubts Raised on Bids for LANL (2005-02-25)

UC to bid on Berkeley lab, undecided on Los Alamos (2005-01-21)

Three Boston University Researchers Exposed to Tularemia Last Year (2005-01-21)

UT Says No Nukes (2005-01-20)

Making Los Alamos Attractive (2005-01-15)

UT will not bid for Los Alamos (2005-01-18)

Criteria for Los Alamos salary increase (2004-12-10)

Texas A&M will definitely not bid on Los Alamos (2004-12-10)

LANL manager will NOT have to deal with environmental cleanup (2004-12-10)

AusChron: Los Alamos Up For Grabs (2004-12-09)

Congress Axes Funding for New Nukes (2004-12-06)

LANL draft RFP online (2004-12-02)

UT System needs 'true vision' (2004-12-02)
- Los Alamos draft RFP released Wednesday

Nuclear Weapons Programs Went on the Congressional Chopping Block (2004-11-23)

Democracy in the Decision for Los Alamos (2004-11-21)

4 UW students arrested protesting military recruitment (2004-11-19)

Governor pushes UC to bid for lab contract (2004-11-18)

Carnegie Military University: How the Pentagon Funds Universities to Contribute to War (2004-11-19)

Energy secretary will leave amid Los Alamos controversy (2004-11-16)

New Mexico Governor backs UC for Los Alamos management (2004-11-15)

CIA: Al Qaeda targeted members of Congress with ties to nuclear labs (2004-11-12)

UT physicists weigh in on Los Alamos (2004-11-12)

Texas A&M bid for Idaho National Laboratory fails (2004-11-10)

LANL work resuming but was shutdown worth it? (2004-11-08)

Atomic Energy head says U.S. pursues split policy on nuclear arms (2004-11-06)

Institutional Interests: How Los Alamos is driving the development of new nuclear weapons (2004-11-05)

The 2004 Election And The New Mexico-Texas Nuclear Corridor (2004-11-03)

Aggies express interest in Idaho research lab (2004-11-02)

Official: Safety issues remain at Los Alamos (2004-10-30)

Hermit Came to Los Alamos to Introduce Physics Theories (2004-10-30)

Hermit Found Living in Cave on LANL Property (2004-10-29)

UC Lecturers, Librarians Urge Regents Not To Bid (2004-10-28)
- One lecturer's reasoning

New Mexico Senator promises Fair Los Alamos competition (2004-10-27)

Los Alamos whistle-blowers share hopes for congressional hearing (2004-10-27)
- POGO helps whistleblowers

Professor discusses early history of Los Alamos lab at UT Watch forum (2004-10-26)

Work resumes at Lab, but questions remain (2004-10-25)

Delving into Los Alamos (2004-10-25)

Bidding for management of nuclear weapons labs (pdf) (2004-10-23)
- Read the UT Nuke Free FAQ on Los Alamos

Los Alamos must take on 'Other missions' (2004-10-22)

Two plead guilty in Los Alamos scandal (2004-10-21)

Official: Los Alamos Managers Wanted Fraud Report Held (2004-10-18)
- Read up on Los Alamos

Offensive Biology: Is Bio-Defense A Bust? (2004-10-18)
- More information on biodefense

Anthrax slip-ups raise fears about planned biolabs, including UTMB's new BSL-4 in Galveston (2004-10-14)

SG Launches Los Alamos Online Forum (2004-10-14)

Los Alamos Director keeps Lab moving (2004-10-14)

Los Alamos reorganizes management (2004-10-13)

Kerry proposes government research into alternative fuels at Los Alamos, Sandia (2004-10-11)

UT Students Sell the CIA (2004-10-10)

Government Sets Bid Timeline for Los Alamos (2004-10-06)

UT's Los Alamos bid on track (2004-10-05)

Rep. orders review of nuclear reactor safety for university research (2004-10-01)

"Bunker Busters": Sources of Confusion in the Robust Nuclear Earth Penetrator Debate (2004-09-29)

Los Alamos a terrorist target? (2004-09-27)

UT Quiet About Los Alamos (2004-09-24)

UC Regents told Los Alamos not compatible with academia (2004-09-23)

UC Regents meet on Los Alamos (2004-09-23)

NPR: Los Alamos shutdown costing $200 million in American taxpayer money (2004-09-22)

UC Regents advised to seek Los Alamos contract (2004-09-22)

Los Alamos to remove lab's nuclear materials (2004-09-18)

Los Alamos fires, disciplines employees (2004-09-16)

Suffering Effects of 50's A-Bomb Tests (2004-09-05)

Proposed $760 million cleanup deal for non-radioactive waste is reached at Los Alamos (2004-09-03)
- UT Watch responds

Texas A&M backs off interest in Los Alamos nuclear lab (2004-09-01)

Audit finds big safety risks from delays in stabilizing plutonium at Los Alamos (2004-08-23)
- UT Watch responds

Los Alamos lab waste reportedly found in the Rio Grande (2004-08-23)
- UT Watch responds

DOE Nuclear Weapons Data Found Missing (2004-08-19)

The University of Texas at Austin makes gains in federally financed research and development (2004-08-20)
- UT Watch responds

UC's Los Alamos lab lags in handling of radioactive materials (2004-08-20)

Los Alamos Nukes are still unstable (2004-08-19)

UT Not Cooling Off? (2004-08-14)

UC Proposal to Improve Security at Los Alamos Quashed by NNSA (2004-08-13)

Nuclear Weapons Complex Monitoring Begins (2004-08-17)

Uranium Reactors on Campus Raise Security Concerns (2004-08-17)

Los Alamos Has "Immense" Plutonium Inventory Discrepancy, 150 Bombs Worth (2004-08-11)
- UT Watch responds

LA Times commentary: Pity the Los Alamos whistleblowers (2004-08-12)

Los Alamos honey pot not looking so sweet anymore, UT officials say (2004-08-12)

UT System's interest in Los Alamos cooling (2004-08-11)

Senator suggests 'missing' disks may not be missing (2004-08-11)

UC alone didn't ruin Los Alamos (2004-08-10)

3 more Los Alamos employees on investigatory leave (2004-08-10)

Star-Telegram coverage of anti-Los Alamos events (2004-08-10)

Lockheed Martin won't bid to run Los Alamos, citing the substantial costs (2004-08-07)

Research at Los Alamos won't resume for 2 months (2004-08-05)

'Musical Chairs' at Los Alamos (2004-08-08)

Remembering Hiroshima at Los Alamos (2004-08-06)

Group protests Los Alamos on 59th anniv. of Hiroshima bombing (2004-08-06)

Los Alamos Lab Puts 4 More Scientists on Leave (2004-08-05)

UTNukeFree.org to Host Forums and Workshops on UT, A&M Campuses regarding Los Alamos (2004-08-04)

LA Times: UC should quit Los Alamos (2004-08-02)

California group to protest nuclear labs (2004-08-03)

Los Alamos lapses go back decades (2004-08-01)

Los Alamos lab's security appears great on paper (2004-07-31)

Work restart at Los Alamos lab grinds along slowly (2004-07-30)

Congress continues to fund University XXI (2004-07-30)

UTSA facility to study bacteria with uses as biological weapons (2004-07-27)

Texas plan to grab Los Alamos (2004-07-27)

Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Los Alamos deal 'visionary' (2004-07-26)
- UT Watch responds

A&M System asks UT to be its 'special friend' in Los Alamos bid (2004-07-26)

Austin Chronicle: Los Alamos chain reaction (2004-07-22)

UTSA prepares BSL-3 lab to study bio agents on campus (2004-07-21)

Texas A&M joins Los Alamos bidders (2004-07-21)

Los Alamos Scandal Raises Many Questions (2004-07-20)

Daily Californian Editorial: Lab Stewardship Becoming an Embarrassment to UC (2004-07-20)

Los Alamos: 20 more disks gone? (2004-07-20)

ALBQ Tribune: Tales of chemicals in eyes and imminent electrocution at LANL (2004-07-19)

LA Times: Secret information at Los Alamos repeatedly sent over the Internet. (2004-07-19)

UT System ignores Los Alamos opposition (2004-07-19)

Yudof's speech supporting Los Alamos management and wild tangents on science (2004-07-19)
- UT Watch responds

Viewpoint: Nuked in passing ... (2004-07-19)
- UT Watch responds

UT regents hear opposition to possible bid for Los Alamos (2004-07-19)

UT weighs bid on lab contract (2004-07-17)

UT involvement with Los Alamos discussed (2004-07-16)

List of potential Los Alamos managers posted (.doc) (2004-07-16)

UC Halts Los Alamos' Classified Work After Security Lapse (2004-07-16)

Projet on Gov't Oversight: select quotes from Los Alamos hearings (2004-07-15)

Los Alamos loses data, some call for UC's immediate removal as manager (2004-07-15)

LANL security flaw may help UT (2004-07-14)

Private companies likely to bid on Los Alamos lab (2004-07-14)

Hazwaste: Los Alamos contaminants spoiling Rio Grande watershed; cleanup effort launched (2004-07-09)

Classified data missing at Los Alamos leads to concerns (2004-07-12)

Los Alamos Task Force Member Roster obtained (2004-07-02)

Incident changes Los Alamos deal (2004-07-01)

Regents consider Los Alamos bid despite continued opposition (2004-07-01)

UT takes next step in bidding for Los Alamos (2004-06-30)
- UT Watch responds

Nuclear 'key' missing at Los Alamos (2004-06-28)

DoE opens bidding process for Los Alamos (2004-06-29)

Legislature considering bill to fund local defense operations (2004-06-29)

Texan Viewpoint on Los Alamos (2004-06-25)

Report: Los Alamos violated 7 safety rules (2004-06-25)

Senate Approves Fund for ‘Bunker Buster’ Nuclear Weapons (2004-06-24)

Latest Los Alamos move covertly favors UT (2004-06-23)

Terrorists Target Los Alamos in New Arcade Game (2004-06-16)

Livermore, Los Alamos lab contracts to be bid separately (2004-06-09)

Do BioLabs Make Good Neighbors? (2004-06-03)

NUWC, University of Texas Kick off Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (2004-05-15)

Texas A&M will bid for nuclear laboratory (2004-06-02)

2 Los Alamos Workers Indicted In Purchase Scandal (2004-05-28)

Concerns raised on Los Alamos reactors (2004-05-27)

UTMB courting the private sector (2004-05-26)

Los Alamos scientists testing nukes underground in Nevada (2004-05-24)

UT researchers studying bio agents (2004-05-19)

Los Alamos Lab loses more classified data (2004-05-23)

Concurrent bidding on management for Los Alamos, Livermore nuclear labs urged (2004-05-18)

Feds Answer Calls for Nuke Safety (2004-05-08)

Attention Student Government: UC has real dialogue on Los Alamos (2004-05-07)

Austin Chronicle: Nukes, Lies, and the Daily (2004-05-06)

UT's eyes on Los Alamos (2004-05-06)

Radioactivity high near Lawrence-Livermore Lab (2004-05-06)

Los Alamos resolution tabled (2004-05-05)
- UT Watch responds

Opinion: Nuclear Weapons Exact a Terrible Price (2004-05-04)

Response to "Support Los Alamos" firing line (2004-05-03)

Groups protest Alamos lab bid (2004-04-30)

Forum questions benefits of Los Alamos (2004-04-30)

UT Watch targets regents (2004-04-30)

The Military-Academic Complex: Who's the Real National Champion? (2004-04-29)

Brian Haley: Los Alamos is good! (2004-04-28)
- UT Watch responds

Fears raised for safety of nuclear sites (2004-04-28)


Viewpoint: Los Alamos (2004-04-21)
- UT Watch responds

Learning to Love the Tiny Bomb? (2004-04-18)

Will Shill for Nukes: Decommissioning the nuclear lobby's phony op-ed campaign (2004-04-15)

UT weighs possible Los Alamos bid with partner (2004-04-15)

Los Alamos restructures after funding scandals (2004-04-14)

Nuclear Weapons bulk of Los Alamos' work (2004-04-13)

Some professors question UT System management of lab (2004-04-13)

Bid for Los Alamos may be combined (2004-04-12)

UC & Nuclear Weapons Labs: The Role of Academia in the Development of Nuclear Weapons (2004-04-10)

Three Reasons for the UC to get out of the Nuclear Weapons Business (2004-04-10)

Los Alamos: Learning to Love the Bomb (pdf) (2004-04-07)

Pentagon panel calls for update of nuke arsenal (2004-03-30)

"From National Defense to Security Threat: an interview with Greg Mello on Los Alamos" (2004-03-29)

Critics say LANL cleanup plan lacks teeth (2004-03-29)

UT-D physicist building isomer bomb (2004-03-27)

Iconmedia Interview with Greg Mello - Director of the Los Alamos Study Group (2004-03-26)

Opinion: Involvement with a nuclear lab is a big risk for the UT System (2004-03-26)

Sandia to work with 3 UT campuses (2004-03-22)

UTMB BSL-4, a major terrorist target? (2004-03-17)

Sandia to partner with UT in Homeland security research (2004-03-17)

UT System and Sandia sign collaboration agreement (2004-03-17)

University of Texas Reverses Secrecy Stance; but will its New Biosafety Committee be Accountable? (2004-03-15)

UTMB BSL-4 to handle deadliest diseases (2004-03-15)

Shorthorn to UT Watch: "Do your homework!" (2004-03-12)

Is biodefense work paving the way for bioweapons? (2004-03-11)
- UT Watch responds

Panel discusses UT's bid for Los Alamos (2004-03-10)

Groups oppose lab bid (2004-03-10)

Activists urge against UT Los Alamos bid (2004-03-10)

Books Not Bombs Leads Protest (2004-03-05)

UT-Arlington Books not Bombs (2004-03-04)

Opinion: Los Alamos bad for UT, U.S., the world (2004-03-01)

Undercover officers at anti-war meetings (2004-02-18)

New Biolabs Stir a Debate Over Secrecy and Safety (2004-02-10)

UT Regents vote to look into bid for Los Alamos lab: Funds allotted (2004-02-05)
- UT Watch responds

Nuclear Bowl: Cal vs. Texas (2004-02-04)

UT Regents to consider bid for Los Alamos contract (2004-02-04)
- UT Watch responds

UT likely to bid for Los Alamos (2004-01-29)

Environmental Groups Victorious as DoE Withdraws Approval of Bio-Warfare Facility at Los Alamos (2004-01-26)

UT Connection: Conflict-of-interest clause scuttles SwRI's Homeland Security bid (2004-01-10)

UT, the Texas Growth Fund, and War Profiteering (2003-12-18)

UT Microelectronics Center to receive $4 million, part of $14 million NSF grant (2003-12-10)

Universities converting Segways into war robots (2003-12-02)

Bush Plans New Nuclear Weapons (2003-11-30)

UNT to get Defense funding for nanotech center (2003-11-15)

LANL critic wins partial victory in District Court (2003-10-22)

Sun Won't Shine on Biosafety Documents at U. of Texas Medical Branch (2003-10-24)

New nukes in the making: UT-Dallas connection (2003-10-24)

Federal agency looking at UTMB (2003-10-21)

Colleges Should Look Before They Leap Into Health-Sciences Education (2003-10-15)

UT Southwest teams with corporation to develop bioterror vaccine (2003-10-14)

Galveston biosafety lab to get UTEP assistance (2003-10-06)

UTMB on biowar front line (2003-10-01)

UT Watch: No to Los Alamos (2003-10-01)
- UT Watch responds

NIAID funds bioterrorism collaboration between UTMB and Ciphergen (2003-09-30)

UT System-owned patents generate millions (2003-09-30)

UT to upgrade internet cable connections (2003-09-30)

Congress directs millions to college projects on security and terrorism (2003-09-26)

Concern over spread of biodefense labs (2003-09-25)

UTA scientists to meet with Sandia officials (2003-09-25)

UTMB awarded $48 million bioterrorism agents project (2003-09-23)

UTMB wins $48 million grant to develop biodefense project (2003-09-15)

Ambassador wants affordable education for Mexican students (2003-09-09)

Med school money sought (2003-09-08)

UTMB researching bioweapon defense (2003-09-06)

UT-Dallas student earns Homeland Security fellowship (2003-09-04)

UTMB pushed to publicize biodefense records (2003-08-27)

Health Science Center to break ground on new Edinburg center (2002-09-30)

UT to build biomed site at J.J. Pickle campus (2003-08-22)

UT and IBM develop new superprocessor with DARPA funding (2003-08-27)

Homeland Security Department Set to Become Major Federal Research Funding (2003-08-19)

UTA and UT-D courting Sandia (2003-08-17)

UT-Dallas involved in research important to new 'death ray bomb' (2003-08-15)

Group opposes UTMB bioweapons secrecy (2003-08-12)

IC2 tying UT and Polish students together w/ military research (2003-08-08)

A Crash Course in Nanotechnology (2003-07-29)

R&D on Uncle Sam's Dime (2003-07-28)

Texas universities cooperating for Homeland Security funding (2003-07-22)

UT gets $5 million for chemical and biological defense (2003-07-11)

UT prof receives defense grant for bioterror research (2003-07-09)

Universities and the Biological Arms Race (2003-07-07)

U.S. watchdog agency flails Energy Dept. on labs (2003-06-25)

Plutonium Missing from Los Alamos Lab (2003-06-20)

Navy gives UT $10 million research grant (2003-05-05)

-More on recent DoD contracts (2003-05-02)

UT may bid for Los Alamos (2003-05-02)

Carlyle Group (links to UT) profits off destroying, rebuilding Iraq (2003-04-08)

Report details biological agents UT studies (2003-03-27)

Alliant Tech Systems makes killing off War on Iraq (2003-03-23)

UT files suit to withhold research information (2003-03-04)

UT gets $3 million in nuclear grants (2003-02-27)

Hutchison calls for tuition deregulation, increase in military research (2003-02-21)

-UT Watch responds to Hutchison (2003-02-24)

Los Alamos to scuttle treaty, build new nukes (2003-02-14)

The Sandia money pit (2003-01-27)

Texan exposes Sandia flop (2003-01-24)

UTMB and "Defense" Research (2003-01-23)

UT forgets about Sandia and guns for Los Alamos (2003-01-20)

New tactics in protesting the war (2003-01-14)

UT hoping to win bioterrorism lab (2003-01-08)

So long SANDIA! You won't be missed! (2002-12-14)

Partnership between UT and Sandia debated (2002-12-06)

The latest on Sandia's projects (2002-11-27)

Sandia calls for research into "nonlethal weapons" (2002-11-05)


Aggie Fool Tells NASA Scientists What To Write, Gets Oblique Rebuke (2006-02-05)

Former UT Regent wants SAT-style testing for all college students (2005-12-09)
- UT Watch responds

Supreme Court: Gov't Can Seize Social Security to Pay Old Student Loans (2005-12-07)

Deconstructing Los Alamos: Opinion (2005-12-01)

Sole UT Presidential Candidate Powers draws scrutiny (2005-11-09)

Former RAND, NSA advisor named to lead LBJ School (2005-11-05)

Breakthrough for Part-Timers (2005-11-01)

students protest fee hike (2005-11-01)

Texas college growth slowing (2005-10-29)

UT of the Permian Basin looking to build nuclear reactor (2005-10-23)

Another Attack on Evolution (2005-10-18)

Texas Gets "D" for Affordability (2005-10-14)

Finalists cut to 4 in bid for presidential library (2005-10-13)

Financial Aid Penalty for Drug Crimes Gets Fresh Scrutiny (2005-10-13)

'Faith and Family' UT ticket discount renounced (2005-10-11)

Conservative Campus Organizing (2005-10-11)

Education Dept. Suspends Grants to Christian College (2005-10-11)

Reforming Higher Education — Worldwide (2005-10-03)

Students, Unions Mark '68 Mexico Massacre (2005-10-02)

The admissions obsession (2005-10-02)

Amer. U. Students Protest Uni Prez (2005-09-29)

Campus Informer (2005-09-28)

Von Eschenbach, former head of UT M.D. Anderson, to lead FDA (2005-09-28)

Capital Metro workers call one-day strike (2005-09-22)

DemTex classes tripped up by University (2005-09-21)

Bush Library would be too darned close to Deep Eddy Cabaret (subscription) (2005-09-19)

UT women's soccer invites Hurricane Katrina evacuees to match with No. 3 Portland (2005-09-15)

Tulane law students adjusting to University (2005-09-15)

UT unveils Bush presidential library proposal (2005-09-15)

Study: U.S. Losing Ground in Education (2005-09-13)

Faculty Frets About Declining Student Quality (2005-09-13)

Mother Jones' Annual Campus Activism Top 10 (2005-09-12)

Texas college can block certain mass e-mails, appeals court rules (2005-09-06)

Chris Mooney on the Republican War On Science (2005-08-29)

Universities should defend scientific integrity against attacks (2005-08-29)

College Nixes Campus Anti-war Exhibit (2005-08-28)

GAO examines college textbook prices (pdf) (2005-08-16)

Victory for Player's! (2005-08-11)

Dr. Larry R. Faulkner Elected to Temple-Inland Board (2005-08-05)

For students with jobs, doing homework pays (2005-08-05)

Little-Notice Crisis at Black Colleges (2005-08-04)

A&M to join Texas Digital Library (2005-07-27)

Texas Universities Vie for Bush Presidential Library (2005-07-20)

Player's hopes stall as House defeats Eminent Domain bill (2005-07-20)

House OKs bill that could save Player's (2005-07-18)

Horowitz's "Academic Bill of Rights" finds small victory in Pennsylvania (2005-07-11)

UT a Players-Hata? (2005-07-01)

Federal "barcode" could monitor college students (2005-07-06)

Texan to Faulkner: End prior review (2005-07-08)

David Horowitz: Tattered Poster Child (2005-03-15)

Learn to Trust Students (2005-07-05)

A call for TSP independence (2005-07-05)

Texan with connections to UT's right wing education centers appointed to Education Department (2005-07-02)
- UT Watch responds

Faulkner to step down as UT president (2005-06-29)

Antiterror tactics chill U.S. campuses (2005-06-29)

NTU: Universities Overcharge Taxpayers for Students Performing Gov-Funded Research (2005-06-29)

Player's Restaurant Concerned About Court Ruling (2005-06-25)

U.S. court: Texas college was wrong to prohibit pamphlet distribution (2005-06-23)

Players, UT land dispute intensifies (2005-06-23)

Viewpoint: Court threatens student voice (2005-06-22)

Court ruling may imperil student papers (2005-06-22)

New VP of Student Affairs not so student-friendly (2005-06-21)

UT Southwestern adds Willie Nelson professorship for stem cell research (2005-06-20)

UTSA, Clear Channel team up for abstinence-only billboard campaign (2005-06-01)
- UT Watch responds

VP hopeful threatened student press at ASU (2005-06-14)

College president resigns under pressure (2005-06-14)

Another unarmed person of color killed by Austin Police (2005-06-11)

UT-A President: 'We're missing the economic boat of the future' (2005-06-12)

Sooners discover civilization in Austin, overuse adjectives (2005-06-09)

UT-Austin a contender in Bush presidential library (2005-06-09)

Deep Throat admission could make Watergate papers more valuable for UT (2005-06-03)

79th Legislative session produces mixed outcome for higher education (2005-06-05)

Court sides with anti-abortion group, against UT in leafleting dispute (2005-06-04)

Galveston paper: State shouldn't have turned back on UTMB bioterror lab (2005-06-04)

Karl's New Manifesto (2005-05-29)

SAT essays throw colleges a curve (2005-05-23)

Billionaire colleges and universities (2005-05-22)

Te$t Market (2005-05-18)
- UT Watch responds

The best way to improve higher education in Texas? Improve Texas high schools (2005-05-15)

Yale Fires Acclaimed Anarchist Scholar - Support Prof. Graeber (2005-05-16)
- UT Watch responds

UT Heckling Arrest Raises Hackles — And Concern Over School Policy (2005-05-07)

Student at Ann Coulter's nutty rant responds to his arrest (2005-05-05)

East Austin Stories (2005-05-04)

UT Watch News: Administration threatens to punish students for Campout (2005-05-04)

Judge: Schools don't have to help music industry group (2005-04-27)

Affordable Education Gets Tangled Up in Free Speech at UT (2005-04-29)

Victory for Wash. U. student sit-in for living wage; encouraged by Georgetown hunger strike (2005-04-28)

UC-Santa Cruz Tent City brutalized by university police (2005-04-26)

UT administration rains on UT Watch's parade (2005-04-26)

On the Money (2005-04-23)

Medical school lawsuits backed (2005-04-23)

(Disturbing) Video of Arrests of Peaceful Students Protesters at Santa Cruz Tent University (2005-04-19)

Administrators intimidate UT Watch campers (2005-04-22)

Police descend on Tent University Santa Cruz, arrest 20 (2005-04-19)

UT Watch hosts Tent City (2005-04-21)
- UT Watch responds

Viewpoint: SG: Year in review (2005-04-13)

David Horowitz's funding sources; got $310,000 salary last year (2005-04-06)

UTEP to review free speech policy (2005-04-06)

Québec bursary proposal could split student strikers (2005-04-06)

Students Take Over the Capitol for Darfur (2005-04-08)

Left-Wing Academics, etc. (2005-04-05)

Statehouse Digest (2005-04-01)

House panel debates bill to keep college professors on topic (2005-04-05)

Censor Sensibility (2005-04-05)

UT System Spent $200,000 on Lobbying Feds in 2003 (2005-04-04)

Bill eliminating tickets killed by absences (2005-04-04)

Montréal strike village resurrected (2005-03-31)

Tax-free textbooks bill pending (2005-04-01)

Improved graduation rates sought (2005-03-31)

Students quiz candidates Campus groups host City Council Place 3 hopefuls to inform voters (2005-03-31)

UTEP's graduation rates being examined (2005-03-29)

University of Texas statement regarding accident at Softball's McCombs Field (2005-03-26)

Keep Texan Editors Elected (2005-03-27)

Appointed editor proposal sparks controversy (2005-03-25)

Quebec students march on National Assembly (2005-03-24)

Quebec's Student Strike Movement Is Still Strong (2005-03-21)

A Closer Look at the President's Proposal (PDF) (2005-03-21)

Meet a candidate for the vice provost position on Monday, March 21 at 12 noon (2005-03-18)

University of Colorado Pays for PR Help (2005-03-15)

Quebec student strike is just (2005-03-11)

IED releases UT System economic impact study (2005-03-11)

More Illegal Lobbying by College Administrators? (2005-03-10)

Measuring the Economic Impact of the UT System and Higher Ed (2005-03-09)

Importance of the free speech bill (Grits for Breakfast) (2005-03-09)

Coalition of Immokalee Workers successful in historic victory for farm wokers! National Taco Bell boycott officially ends (2005-03-08)

EX-UTSA librarian guilty of taking funds (2005-03-04)

Colleges: An Endangered Species? (2005-03-04)

SG Election Results (2005-03-02)

Pull the Taco Bell boycott on the ballot; increase student democracy (2005-03-02)

University denies professor tenure (2005-03-01)

Drug Provision to Higher Ed Act Makes College Aid Go Up in Smoke (2005-03-01)

SG candidates face off (2005-02-28)

School Exam's Conscientious Objector (2005-02-24)

State weighs tax-free textbook sales (2005-02-25)

Campus Election Links (2005-02-22)

SG Election Candidates (2005-02-24)

Will budget cuts reverse gains made by South Texas universities? (2005-02-24)

The Kids Aren't Alright: Why Middle Class Security is so Last Generation (2005-02-22)

UT Watch critiques Commission of 125 (2005-02-16)

SG candidates working with bigger budgets (2005-02-18)

Stress test: Reforms have academic advisers feeling heat (2005-02-19)

More Texas, U.S. students earning college credit (2005-01-26)

-UT Watch Responds (2005-01-28)

On chartered universities (Con): Proposal likely to cause more harm than good (2005-01-24)

Legislature, faculty should switch places (2005-01-27)

Are Students Red or Blue? (2005-01-27)

City honors UT's Recycling Task Force (2005-01-21)

SG prepares for spring campaigns (2005-01-20)

A&M in San Antonio? (2005-01-20)

UT students lobby for tax break on textbooks (2005-01-19)

Bills to link aid to fast graduation (2005-01-07)

El Paso leaders ask Hutchison not to run for governor (2004-12-13)

Viewpoint: Careful, or you might miss something (2004-12-08)

It's Time to Look to the Campus (2004-12-03)

Colleges Can Bar Army Recruiters (2004-11-30)

Sewage line overflows into Waller Creek (2004-11-29)

Talmadge Heflin loses one more important asset (2004-11-27)

UT Stirs as Trial Lawyer Gets a Second Statue (2004-11-26)

VIEWPOINT: UT-Austin student radio station faces eviction (2004-11-24)

Something to keep an eye on: Heflin not done yet (2004-11-23)
- Heflin and UT

National Association of Scholars release survey that shows "liberal bias" of professors (2004-11-23)
- NAS is a conservative front group

Secretary of state confirms Heflin's loss (2004-11-22)

Bush Education pick a Texas education "reform" veteran (2004-11-17)
- read "Test Tube Kids" by two UT Watch co-founders

Should Public Universities Behave Like Private Colleges? (2004-11-15)

Texas AG Abbott fighting ignorance about public information laws (2004-11-15)

Culture wars are ruining kids' textbooks, UT chancellor says (2004-11-15)

UT-Austin jostles with 5 other communities for Bush library (2004-11-15)

In a Battleground State, Determined Students Waited Hours to Vote (2004-11-12)

GOP Looks to Put Its Mark on Higher Education (2004-11-12)

Co-op monopoly expands its burnt orange tentacles (2004-11-12)

Glossy Alumni Magazines Seek More Than Graduates (2004-11-11)
- Read Texas Exes' magazine

UT student leader opposes student regent letter (2004-11-10)

UT biologist says Americans are seeing effects of global warming (2004-11-09)

Drinking deaths draws attention to age-old campus problem (2004-11-09)

Search for President of UT-Dallas Continues (2004-11-08)

UT "good at research, less so on everything else" (2004-11-09)

UT student tells BBC he might leave U.S. (2004-11-08)

Academe's Scuffle for Prestige (2004-11-06)

Students air their political concerns in survey (2004-11-07)

153-room Hilton Hotel may be built next to UTEP (2004-11-05)

Legislators may begin filing bills today (2004-11-08)
- Time for students to prepare for 79th Lege

N. Carolina University asked to sanction student newspaper for "hate-filled" column (2004-11-04)

UTEP tries to prevent illegal music swapping (2004-11-02)

BREAKING NEWS: Kerry concedes election (2004-11-03)
- Texan response

Sit-ins, debate: campus culture emerges in Iraq (2004-10-31)

Sen. Hutchinson discusses Texas higher ed in interview (2004-11-01)

Kerry, Bush speak on nuclear weapons, defense, and energy policies (2004-10-31)

Dumbest firing line, ever! (2004-10-29)

Promotion of political film series at UTEP questioned (2004-10-28)

Candidates' perspectives on higher education (2004-10-28)

Political rallies heat up UTSA (2004-10-28)

Disenfranchising students, a nation-wide trend? (2004-10-28)

IT fees story caused Texan columnist to get axed: Paranoid, secretive administrators overreact (2004-10-28)

Big on football, low on grad rates; Of the UT players who started in 1997, only 27 percent got a degree (2004-10-26)

Lawsuits pending after UTMB botched willed-body program (2004-10-27)

University of Texas creates a mini-Hollywood of its own (2004-10-26)

Statue idea lights UT's Tower green (2004-10-24)

UT Watch issues education voting guide (2004-10-25)
- See the voter guide

UT to build new statues of truly inspirational leaders, like a trial lawyer (2004-10-22)

Antiwar rally at UTSA sparks reporter's memories of Vietnam days (2004-10-21)

Thoughts from Canada (2004-10-21)

Federal court strikes down "free speech zones" at Texas Tech (2004-10-21)

Top Colleges, Rated by Those Who Chose Them (2004-10-20)

Faulkner gives faculty curriculum control (2004-10-21)

Young state lawmaker, UT law student, seeks re-election in big-money race (2004-10-20)

Don't mess with our slogan, Texas warns copycats (2004-10-18)

Craving College: Recent grads find themselves longing for the student life (2004-10-18)

Faulkner mulls Commission of 125 Report (2004-10-16)

Early Voting Opportunities in the Austin area (2004-10-14)

UT not the largest US uni anymore, Enrollment Strategy Report being implemented in part (2004-10-14)

Old Student Health Center to be razed, KVRX shafted (2004-10-14)

Nigerian Police, Students Clash in General Strike (2004-10-13)

A Call for a European Network of Researchers to Defend Universities (2004-10-13)

U. of Colorado foundation sues city paper over open records (2004-10-12)

Papers: FBI trailed 60s Free Speech leader (2004-10-11)

Class marketing CIA canceled (2004-10-11)

A 'Culture of Excellence' at UT Inc. (2004-10-10)

Tips on Getting Into First-Choice School (2004-10-08)

Enthusiasm Trend Up in College Admissions (2004-10-08)

University student questions police action (2004-10-07)

Viewpoint: How to address the University (2004-10-06)

Faulkner to again endorse the Commission of 125's findings..tonight! (2004-10-06)

Texan editors hammer Commission of 125 (2004-09-30)

UT's Commission of 125's report to be presented today (2004-09-30)
- UT Watch responds

Court: College official violated First Amendment by canceling campus elections (2004-09-30)

Boston University lobbying for bio-"defense" lab (2004-09-30)

Student reporters arrested, detained while covering RNC protest (2004-09-21)

Texas A&M selected as 'most conservative' school in country (2004-09-24)

Los Alamos Operations May Resume in October (2004-09-22)

Legal Loophole Allows Student Loan Companies to Gouge Taxpayers, Students (2004-09-22)

WiFi dispute gets UT-Dallas students in uproar (2004-09-22)

Sexual assault evades stats (2004-09-21)

Policies aim at cutting UT enrollment (2004-09-18)

Students undeterred as FBI targets activists around the country (2004-09-15)

US declines in education worldwide (2004-09-15)

Financial woes could cause BookWoman to close (2004-09-15)

UT may lose its title as largest school as enrollment declines (2004-09-15)

Texan Viewpoint: A federal war on academic freedom (2004-09-14)

Baylor university soul searching (2004-09-09)

The Right's kind of campus (2004-08-22)

Rankings recognize UT Austin for excellence, tout campus as nation's 'hottest' state university (2004-08-20)

New Rival for 'Daily Texan' (2004-08-19)

UT Enrollment on the Decline (2004-08-13)

UT-Pan Am exercises eminent domain (2004-08-16)

UT named "Hottest State U" (2004-08-12)

Bush Backs Ending Admission Preferences for Children of Alumni (2004-08-07)

A&M Battalion: Daily Texan's investigative stories on business school rankings ignored problem (2004-08-10)

The university co-opoly is expanding (2004-08-10)

City Council postpones West Campus decisions (2004-08-06)

Ex-chancellor pitches 3rd top-tier school in UT System (2004-08-06)

UT-Arlington dean expulsion-happy? (2004-08-04)

Details of Secretive Chancellor Selection Surface at U. of California (2004-08-03)

A military spokesman - a UT grad - is silenced after candid comments in a movie on Al Jazeera and Iraq war (2004-08-02)

Texan Viewpoint: UT System still can't think straight (2004-07-27)

Viewpoint: UT System has private, secret agenda (2004-07-21)

Activists Plan DNC Forum; UT Watch to present workshop (2004-07-12)

UTwatch.org rises from the ashes; site back up after 'technical difficulties' (2004-07-12)

UT Watch denied records on Los Alamos Task Force (2004-06-30)

Is Graduate School a Cult? (2004-06-29)

UT to close this Friday (2004-06-08)

Higher ed lobby is opposing parts of federal accountability bill (2004-06-03)

A Sleeping Class: Young Americans fight for every cause but their own. Wake up, already. (2004-06-03)

UT M.D. Anderson gives up patent on sick dogs (2004-05-28)

UT prof: In grade-obsessed society, learning gets left behind (2004-05-25)

Beagles win first round in fight for reprieve from UT patenting (2004-05-21)

COLUMN: Critical thought must be cultivated in higher learning (2004-05-11)

Faulkner endorses enrollment strategies (2004-05-11)
- UT Watch responds

UT shuttles may have defect causing fires (2004-05-10)

Shorthorn: UT-Arlington's got tunnels too (2004-05-08)

Steam tunnels already mapped (2004-05-08)

UT Watch response to SG Rep. Stacy Gurevitz (2004-05-07)

UT Watch drafts statement of possible illegalities by regents (2004-05-04)

Opinion: Lobbying against students (2004-05-03)

Letter to SG on West Campus Rezoning (2004-04-22)

Opinion: UT's 'commitment' to teachers (2004-04-22)

Audit: MBA office broke time-reporting rules (2004-04-15)

Speeding up the Students: UT as a Factory (pdf) (2004-04-07)

UTHSC Clinic offering free health care to low income families to close from lack of funding (2004-04-06)

Generation Debt: The New Economics of Being Young (2004-04-05)

Flagship status a long, difficult road for Texas universities (2004-04-05)

UT System airplane use comes under scrutiny (2004-04-05)

Thought Control for Middle East Studies (2004-03-31)

UT System Accountability and Performance Report 2003 (2004-03-31)

A&M, UT rack up miles on own aircraft (2004-03-31)

Court dismisses student newspaper's lawsuit over access to Harvard police files (2004-03-26)

UTPD warns of ATM scam at UT (2004-03-23)

Wylys to endow $2 million chair at UT Dallas (2004-03-16)

Accountability reports tracks UT System activities; model for the nation? (2004-03-15)

BOR Agenda Book, includes Highlights of UT System Accountability Report (2004-03-13)

Regents support accountability for System (2004-03-12)

Texas Tech implements plan to speed up undergrads (2004-03-11)

Yale grad students rally against enrollment limits (2004-03-11)

Regents will report on System accountability (2004-03-11)

Opinion: Enrollment report hurts all students (2004-03-11)

New UT Website Will Address Specifics of Tuition Increases (2004-03-08)

Ben Heath Wins Texan Editor (2004-03-04)

Focus Wins SG Elections (2004-03-04)

Daily Texan editor candidates' debate (2004-03-01)

Q&A with candidates for SG president (2004-03-01)

Q&A: Democratic candidates on higher ed. (2004-02-24)

Enrolled student number declines (2004-02-24)

Viewpoint: Faculty proposal for honors criteria falls short (2004-02-19)

SG members say 15 hours are too many (2004-02-18)
- UT Watch responds

Army inquiries alarm students: Civil rights activists fear encroachment of free speech rights (2004-02-16)

UT and A&M to receive performance reviews (2004-02-13)

Democratic candidates put priority on higher ed (2004-02-09)

Enrollment task force overlooks student survey, more interested in making UT a diploma mill (2004-02-05)

LANL slapped with $854,087 fine for environmental violations as UT initiates bid (2004-02-04)

State PIRGs release textbook ripoff report (2004-02-04)

Perry orders universities to develop performance standards (2004-01-23)

University chiefs serve two masters (2004-01-06)

Universities take hard look at going private (2003-12-11)

Latest UC-Los Alamos security lapse could improve UT's chances for control (2003-12-11)

UT ranks third in Texas for tech licensing income (2003-12-11)

Diebold backs off of student hacktivists (2003-12-02)

Universities keeping tabs on student internet use (2003-11-12)

UT's 5 year plan for students (2003-11-11)

Bob Jensen on YCT's 'Watch' List (2003-11-06)

Texas State Professors Find Limited Support for Changing Policy (2003-10-28)

System forges ahead on UTMB prison health study despite problems (2003-10-08)

UT, DOD, and private corporations to participate in Austin globalization forum (2003-10-03)

UTMB closes Port Arthur pre-natal clinic (2003-10-03)

Legislature ignores Valley medical school funding (2003-09-30)

State sells bonds to cover jobless aid (2003-09-25)

Rapper Chuck D. to visit U. Texas-Arlington (2003-09-19)

Schools want more power; Ekland-Olson: tuition increase is coming (2003-09-16)

UT cancer specialist leaves ImClone (2003-09-16)

On student athletes (2003-09-15)

10,000 Yale strike supporters rally in New Haven (2003-09-15)

Sellers Bailey trial under way (2003-09-10)

UT Briefs (2003-09-05)

Student bill of rights in final stages (2003-09-03)

A.F.L.-C.I.O. Begins Group for Workers Not in Unions (2003-08-29)

UT spending more than $1.3M to launch charter school (2003-08-20)
- UT Watch responds

Survey: UT awash in beer, liquor (2003-08-20)

Sematech's relocation decision unlikely today (2003-08-14)

UT's elementary charter school set to open (2003-08-13)

WTO's attack on public education (2003-08-11)

$300 Million Earmarked for UTD Under Texas Instruments-State Plan (2003-07-25)

UTSA benefits enrollment information update (2003-07-25)

Engineering dean recruits overseas (2003-07-25)

UT Southwestern leads in license revenue, survey shows (2003-07-25)

Retirement bill does not apply to current UT employees (2003-07-25)

UTA experiencing research funding cuts (2003-07-25)

UT screws students over trademark restrictions (2003-07-25)

UT and the semiconductor industry (2003-07-25)

Education exporters take case to WTO (2003-07-25)

SG writing student bill of rights (2003-07-25)

UT Golf Club- Not for students (2003-07-25)

Lieberman calls for billions in nanotech spending (2003-07-22)

Electrical engineering professor appointed to Federal Communications Commission council (2003-07-21)

Dr. Peppas invited to join President Bush's Nanotechnology Technical Advisory Group (2003-07-21)

Student insurance not up to standards (2003-07-10)

$55 million Erwin Center renovation (2003-07-09)

Bill intends to limit top 10% (2003-07-09)

UT System to spend $1.8M for study to beef up research (2003-07-08)

University, Simon to begin land negotiations (2003-07-08)

Simon wins UT property lease (2003-07-07)

Bill requires review of university systems (2003-07-07)

University research funds cut unevenly (2003-07-03)

Funding makes waves in Arlington (2003-07-03)

Yudof will return pay increase (2003-07-03)

UT employees to face layoffs and pay freeze (2003-06-20)

Spanish department budget cuts result in fewer entry-level classes (2003-07-01)

Senate Panel Approves Bill for Students With Disabilities (2003-06-26)

Selected Outcomes for UT from 78th Legislature (2003-06-30)

Bevo Bucks scamming (2003-06-30)

Students snagged in UT snack scam (2003-06-28)

UT land attracts eager bidders (2003-06-26)

U.S. Higher-Education Company Buys a Chain of Canadian Colleges (2003-06-26)

Education Management Buys 18-College Group for $112.5-Million (2003-06-25)

Updates on Billion-Dollar Campaigns at 23 Universities (2003-06-25)

UT sees big jump in budget shortfall (2003-06-25)

Selling Out: a Textbook Example (2003-06-27)

Perry wraps state budget (2003-06-23)

New program helps students get ready for college (2003-06-19)

UT Plans to Lease Austin Real Estate (2003-06-17)

University's Charter School to Open in August (2003-06-12)

The University Co-opoly (2003-06-10)

Larger Budget Cut for UT (2003-06-05)

G.O.P. Chief's Idea for Raising Alabama: Taxes (2003-06-04)

UT Officials Back Special Session on Admissions (2003-06-04)

Schools Under Fire for 'Free-Speech' Zones (2003-05-30)

Higher education cuts could shut down association (2003-05-30)

-UT Watch responds to Association cuts (2003-05-30)

UT, A&M admissions cap up for vote (2003-05-23)

Tuition deregulation for undergrads is dead for now (2003-05-21)

Lawmakers Lobby UT on admissions (2003-05-19)

"The Eyes of the South Are Upon You?"-from utblacksonline.com (2003-05-11)

UT may be forced to sell $66 million property (2003-05-02)

Bailey trial now set for May 28 (2003-05-02)

Former student files suit against officer, university (2003-04-28)

Ethics now a business school focus (2003-04-28)

My 'real' major is boring (2003-04-28)

College sued over free speech rules (2003-04-25)

-More on Kozmetsky (2003-04-17)

Former Harvard Prez warns about commercialization of universities (2003-04-16)

UT spends another $5 million for Watergate papers (2003-04-07)

UT changes its credit card policy (2003-04-03)

UT looks to expand unfair admissions policies (2003-04-06)

UT seeking to cap top 10% admissions (2003-04-02)

Higher Education gains $150 million from state (2003-04-02)

Ex-Regent, UTIMCO chair funding pro-America rallies (2003-03-25)

UT's Charter School is closer to opening (2003-03-19)

Students sue UTEP over free speech policy (2003-03-07)

At Conference Tournaments, the Colleges Major in Money (2003-03-15)

UT finds chemicals in creek sediment (2003-02-28)

Congratulations Students First (2003-02-28)

Proposal to extend 10 percent rule to graduate school (2003-02-25)

West Virginia College Drops Protest Limits (2002-11-15)

Campus Alternative Papers: Making Change at the Grassroots (2002-09-03)


Meet your regents, Pt 10 (2006-09-26)

Meet your regents, Pt 9 (2006-09-20)

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Meet your regents, Pt 1 (2006-08-28)

More Student, Less Regent (2006-02-06)

Spellings Launches Review of Colleges (2005-10-18)

New UT Regent Helps Support Miers W/ Progress for America (2005-10-18)

Higher Ed Commission Gets to Work (2005-10-18)

Educators Cast a Wary Eye at U.S. Panel (2005-10-14)

Graduation goals pushed for all UT campuses (2005-09-30)

Students reluctant to apply for new regent (2005-09-30)

Is the University of Texas turning Conservative? (2005-09-28)

Ex-UT System Chairman heading federal higher ed panel (2005-09-28)

What Should the U.S. Commission Do? (2005-09-21)

More on ex-Regent Miller's federal commission (2005-09-20)

Privatization crusader and ex-Regent Miller to chair federal commission on higher ed (2005-09-19)
- UT Watch responds

Texas Legislature Saves Hamburgers from Seizure! (2005-08-12)

Students Request Larger Voice on Search Group (2005-07-25)

Gov. Perry Names Three Individuals To Texas Tech University System Board of Regents (2005-03-21)

Bill would put student on university boards of regents (2005-03-03)

Student reps blow it (2005-02-23)

Texas A&M OPINION: Tuition without Representation (2004-11-15)

Texan: The 'right time' for a student regent (2004-11-11)

UT 'friend' upset in recent election (2004-11-10)
- More information on Talmadge Heflin and UT

Retired UT professor bothered by use of UT's name in partisan politics (2004-10-22)

PAC's use of UT name questioned; Group's leader denies wrongdoing, says letterhead had misprint (2004-10-08)

Chairman Huffines' University PAC Letter to Donors (2004-10-06)

UT officials soliciting political money (2004-10-06)

UT Regents donated only to Republicans (2004-10-05)

Statues, pay raise on table for regents (2004-09-28)

SG rallies bipartisan support for student regent (2004-09-23)

UT System sues for open records action (2004-09-07)

UT regents OK spending to widen asset oversight (2004-08-16)

Regent Hunt strongarms controversial El Paso development through City Council (2004-08-06)

Viewpoint: The financially invincible...SUPER REGENT! (2004-07-22)

Texas' 4th-richest man appointed Regent (2004-07-22)

Gov. Perry names another businessman to Board of Regents (2004-07-21)

Rep. Lon Burnam, UT Watch and UT Nuke Free members address UT Regents on LANL (7/16/2004) (2004-07-16)

U. of California Regents to Meet on Los Alamos (2004-07-13)

Huffines' deep political connections elicit mixed reactions (2004-06-07)

Viewpoint: New Board of Regents Chairman James Huffines has potential (2004-06-03)

New University of California Regent's Chairman is Friend of Schwarzenegger, Bush family (2004-05-21)

Board of Regents Chairman to step down (2004-05-12)

Power struggles between UT Regents, UTIMCO (2004-05-08)

UT Watch calls for System inquiry (2004-04-27)

Donald Evans to give commencement address (2004-04-02)
- UT Watch responds

UT professors, regents donate to campaigns (2004-02-27)

UT Regents to Hire New External Auditor Other Than the State (2004-02-10)

Perry names new regent (2003-11-19)

Perry to appoint replacement for A.W. 'Dub' Riter Jr. (2003-09-26)

Regent proposing water deal (2003-08-17)

Yudof to announce restructuring plans (2003-07-31)

Carlos Guerra: Higher education in Texas (2003-07-31)

UT finds new ways to lobby (2003-07-20)

Regents review legislative effects on universities (2003-07-08)

Regents reason system rules, land sales (2003-07-07)

Regent could face questions about ties to Enron (2003-01-28)

Regents selected due to prior service to Perry (2003-02-25)


The FBI's Secret Scrutiny of Ordinary Citizens (2005-11-06)

Colleges Protest Call to Upgrade Online Systems (2005-10-24)

Keeping a Close Watch on Students (2005-10-18)

When Campus Cops Attack (2005-10-12)

Faults Found in University Nuclear Reactor Security (2005-10-13)
- UT Watch responds

Prof uses grant to study threat on electricity grids (2005-09-21)

Campus Informer (2005-09-21)

FBI probes campus groups in Michigan (2005-09-07)
- UT Watch responds

UT prof banned from UK, considered terrorist threat (2005-08-30)

UTSW police task force ends, recommending 'wearing clearly visible ID badges' (2005-08-02)

Attorney General discusses open government, mentions UT's cameras (2005-07-17)

Alcohol arrests at UT are up, but only due to stricter policing (2005-07-05)

Problems with doors at bioterror lab at UTMB-Galveston (2005-06-25)

Pentagon Creating Student Database (2005-06-23)

UT Southwestern police accused of profiling (2005-06-12)

Student Records: Big Brother on campus (2005-06-12)

UT hacker acquitted of most serious charges (2005-06-12)

Proposed fed system would track students (2005-04-11)

JTTFs insulate local police from review (2005-04-04)
- UT Watch responds

The CIA's Campus Spies (2005-03-13)

Foreign student enrollment drop blamed on nation's reputation (2005-03-11)

ACLU: Keep Austin PD Off UT Campus (2005-02-21)

Jim Hightower: Growing Up with Your Chip (2004-12-10)

Big Brother Comes to Campus (2004-12-10)

Intelligence bill to ease standards for FBI surveillance warrants and detaining suspects without bail (2004-12-10)
- Read more about the attack on your civil liberties

OPINION: Congress ought to scrap collegiate tracking system (2004-12-06)

Police Brutality OK'd by Jury (2004-11-30)

Miami biodefense firm inks deal with Health Science Center in Dallas (2004-11-30)

Peace Activist Assaulted by UTPD Finally Sees His Day in Court (2004-11-29)
- Grits for Breakfast commentary

Federal Plan to Keep Data on Students Worries Some (2004-11-29)

Student's denied records request spurs Texas attorney general to fight university for access (2004-10-28)

Open records request remains unfufilled (2004-10-25)
- UT Watch on System lobbying

YCTs Carp Over UT Kindness (2004-10-22)
- UT Watch responds

UT seeks to reimburse international students on SEVIS fee (2004-10-13)

Texas A&M has fewer students, more crime (2004-09-20)
- UT Watch responds

Opinion: Flow of information is a 2-way street (2004-09-16)

Cameras can monitor, but don't prevent, the crimes (2004-07-17)

Students under investigation for tunnel escapades (2004-06-02)

New $15 billion plan to boost U.S. Visit (2004-05-24)
- UT Watch responds

UT Watch membership questioned by Feds (2004-05-11)
- UT Watch responds

UT Watch included in FBI's questioning of innocent UT student (2004-05-06)

Number of international applicants to UT decreases (2004-05-05)

Big Brother to watch over Maine island (2004-05-04)

Lobbyists: UT System broke state lobbying law (2004-04-12)

UTPD to get pay raises (2004-04-08)

A Balancing Act? Openness and Security on Campus (2004-04-06)

Be careful what you say on campus (2004-04-02)

Statement says probe of UT Law conference out of jurisdiction (2004-03-22)

Army erred in UT conference investigation (2004-03-15)

UTPD report shows disparities (2004-03-03)

UT surveillance still under wraps (2004-02-27)

Big Brother in Britain: Does more surveillance work? (2004-02-06)

UTPD chief resigns from committee (2004-01-21)

Academic Activists Fear Greater Surveillance (2003-12-04)

UTPD undercover officers allowed to attend student meetings (2003-11-26)

Bioterror Concerns Raised at Universities (2003-11-21)

Foreign-Student Enrollment Stagnates (2003-11-07)

Foreign students may pay $100 fee for SEVIS (2003-10-23)

House Approves Bill on International Studies That Worries Some Academics (2003-10-23)

Opinion: Secrecy pervades University (2003-10-14)
- UT Watch responds

Camera lawsuit might return to district court (2003-10-03)

U.S. House Panel Approves Bills on International and Graduate Education (2003-09-26)

Bill moves forward to monitor studies programs (2003-09-26)

Austin City Council officially opposes USA Patriot Act (2003-09-26)

Cameras Watching Students, Especially in Biloxi (2003-09-24)

SG leader: Patriot Act violates rights (2003-09-23)

UTPD review panel to ask for student input (2003-09-19)

Group petitions to relax student visa rules (2003-09-15)

Critics cite PATRIOT Act abuse and misuse (2003-09-15)

Jurors acquit ex-UT officer of sex assault (2003-09-13)

UTPD Oversight Committee called into question (2003-09-10)

Federal grant gives UTPD six more officers (2003-08-26)

UTSA sponsoring Texas Security Symposium (2003-08-04)

UT finishes foreign student registration for PATRIOT Act (2003-07-31)

Lawsuit asking $100K from UTPD (2003-07-11)

Student files suit against UTPD over 1st Amendment (2003-07-10)

When Is a College Like a Bank? (2003-07-07)

Ohio Law Requires Colleges to Expel Students Involved in Disturbances (2003-07-02)

International students must register online (2003-06-17)

Viewpoint: The Stasi come to Texas (2003-06-16)

Law Allows UT to Keep Security Camera Info Secret (2003-06-16)

Law student sues Texas Tech over free speech zones (2003-06-13)

Faulkner to Finalize UTPD Oversight Committee (2003-06-07)

Smile! You're on Campus Camera (2003-06-13)

UTPD assault rifles concern students (2003-05-01)

Homeland security focus of research (2003-04-30)

Homeland Security at UT: UT Foreign students face tight security (2003-04-29)

UT students want to handle police complaints (2003-04-16)

On Monday, Senate to hear testimony on legislation keeping UT security camera locations secret (2003-04-12)

Audits turn up shortcomings in computer security at UT (2003-04-06)

UT Watch uncovers UTPD Terror Task Force (2003-03-21)

CCPJ member assaulted by UTPD officer (2003-03-20)

The Texan wants their promised information (2003-03-03)

Judge: UT must release records (2003-03-01)

Security camera lawsuit likely to be dismissed (2003-02-24)

New systems to "keep tabs" on foreign students (2003-02-17)

UT's expensive surveillance systems seen by some as vast, 'Orwellian' (2003-02-14)


White Paper: Addressing Student Loan Repayment Burdens (2006-02-10)

Student Loan Officer Plays Phone Tag (humor) (2006-01-25)

Where's Robin Hood When You Need Him? (2006-01-20)

Student aid faces budget ax (2006-01-15)

Bush's War Budget Defeated; Pell Grants Saved (for now) (2005-11-18)

Making Students Pay (free reg. req'd) (2005-11-03)

private loans close the gap between aid, actual cost (2005-10-23)

Students increasingly relying on loans (2005-10-18)

College Costs Continue to Climb (2005-10-18)

Federal student financial aid could face drastic changes (2005-10-14)

"Aiding Students, Buying Students" (2005-10-14)

Students oppose financial aid bill (2005-10-14)

Tuition forum held, world can barely contain excitement (2005-10-14)

Congress should stop raid on student aid (2005-10-13)

$9 billion in student aid may be eliminated (2005-10-11)

UT Watch Challenges President Faulker on Tuition Facts (2005-10-07)

College students get short shrift from Katrina aid (2005-10-04)

Bad Education (2005-10-03)

Drug convicts receive little aid (2005-10-03)

Where's the Relief for College Students? (2005-09-29)

Price Increases Sharpest at Public Colleges (2005-09-30)

Professional degrees increasingly out of reach, study finds (Ontario) (2005-09-28)

Drug Law Denies Aid to Thousands (2005-09-28)

Limiting Aid to Private Colleges in N. Dakota (2005-09-26)

Texas universities were quick to hike tuition but slow to help strapped middle-class students (2005-09-26)

Can't pay my automo-bills: The sad truth about students in debt (2005-09-22)

House passes 3 month extension of the Higher Education Act (2005-09-20)

Gulf Coast Aid — From Student Loans? (2005-09-15)

Student Debt Rising Due to Higher College Costs (2005-09-09)

State audit reveals financial aid flaws; Hegarty gets defensive (2005-09-09)

Tuition hikes take toll on middle class (Ontario) (2005-09-07)

The High Cost Of Student Aid Scams (2005-09-01)

Limited Research Exists on Effectivness of Student Aid Tools (PDF) (2005-08-29)

Students in Oaxaca fight against cuts to higher ed (2005-08-31)

AEI Scholar on Why Does College Costs So Much? (2005-08-29)

US bid to keep tabs on tuition irks colleges (2005-08-16)

Savings plans for college not all the same (2005-07-22)

Bill would make college less of a reality for many (2005-07-21)

SG works on tuition stabilization plan (2005-07-20)

University Education on the Cheap (2005-07-20)

Chris Bell Rails Against Tuition Deregulation (2005-06-29)

Tuition goes up 12% at A&M (2005-06-29)

Contrary to UT assertions, students working more to offset increasing tuition (2005-06-22)

UT Chancellor says tuition may need to be increased (2005-06-04)

Big talk, small changes (2005-06-02)

NPR's Series on "Paying for College" (2005-05-27)

The College Dropout Boom (2005-05-24)

The Rising Costs of College (2005-05-23)

Senate bill could end tuition deregulation (2005-05-03)

Tuition Debate (2005-05-03)

Tuition deregulation may be eliminated by 2008 (2005-05-04)

Audio From Tent City at UT-Austin (2005-04-21)

Herrero votes 'no' on budget (2005-04-13)

Bill would force cuts or fee hikes (2005-04-13)

Lawmakers propose funding restrictions (2005-04-11)

US university enrollment 'in decline' (2005-04-07)

Legislation will destroy TEXAS Grants (2005-04-07)

EDITORIAL: Legislation could widen state's achievement gap (2005-04-06)
- UT Watch responds

Higher cost for higher education? (2005-04-04)

UT Watch campaigns for bills (2005-03-30)

Aid sought to improve grad rates (2005-03-28)

Living in the Library, For Real (2005-03-26)

Texas A&M System approves 15-hour flat-rate tuition plan (2005-03-25)

Rates could be set by state (2005-03-25)

UNT's tuition and fees to rise $1,020 next year (2005-03-22)

Flat-rate tuition sparks mixed reactions from universities nationwide (2005-03-24)

Bills seek cap on fast-rising college tuition (2005-03-21)

Why mess with the success of TEXAS Grants? (2005-03-12)

The challenge: educate our 'emerging majority' (2004-09-21)

Promise of college aid turns empty (2004-11-16)

A&M Regents to decide on flat-rate tuition (2005-03-23)

Texas A&M Students to Protest Board of Regents Meeting (2005-03-22)

Tuition caps bills filed; budget to increase 8 percent (2005-03-21)

Enrollment boost might be due to deregulation (2005-03-17)

UT-Brownsville raises tuition by nearly 13 percent (2005-03-13)

Spikes in tuition revive cap talks (2005-03-13)

Regents approve 14-hour flat-rate tuition (2005-03-11)

UT System raises tuition for most campuses (2005-03-11)

Flat-rate fate to be decided (2005-03-10)

UT System Response to Tuition Relief Bills (2005-03-10)

Bill would re-place caps on tuition (2005-03-10)

Flat rate tuition to be implemented, then rise 4.75 percent (2005-03-09)

Flat-rate tuition, rebate bills pass Senate subcommittee (2005-03-08)

Fall tuition hike could harm students (2005-03-04)

Most Texans oppose tuition deregulation (2005-02-28)

Arkansas House Approves College Aid Bill (2005-02-25)

A&M Student Senate votes against flat-rate tuition, 37-9 (2005-02-25)

Students in Alberta, Manitoba and BC will have capped tuition while Ontario tuition will go up (2005-02-23)

Public Colleges Forgetting the Public? (2005-02-17)

Prairie View administrator fears tuition may rise again (2005-02-16)

Rep. Coleman Files Bill to Reregulate Tuition (2005-02-10)

Viewpoint: It's 'public' education (2005-02-16)

EDITORIAL: Tomorrow Fund is a day late (2005-02-16)

Does tuition deregulation really help medical schools? (2005-01-23)

- UT Watch Responds (2005-01-23)

Faulkner backs flat-rate tuition (2005-01-18)

Legislative caps on tuition may be revisited (2005-01-16)

Statesman Editorial: State needs to keep its end of the bargain by funding grants (2004-12-02)

Some foster kids eligible for free college tuition (2004-12-06)

States Rethink Higher Education Roles (2004-12-06)

Current recipients will continue receiving TEXAS Grants; Lege dropping the ball on financial aid (2004-12-02)

Students decry flat-rate tuition (2004-12-01)

Student fees will rise (2004-11-30)

TEXAS Grant program out of money (2004-11-29)
- State Rep: Return of research overhead costs gutted program

Rising tuition pushes students away (2004-11-24)

Tuition forum sees low student turnout (2004-11-22)

Student input vital for tuition plan (2004-11-22)

Bill Clears Way for Government to Cut Back College Loans (2004-11-21)

Forum focuses on possible tuition increase (2004-11-18)

Tuition may see 4.75 percent increase (2004-11-16)

Texas Woman's Univ. increases tuition - not for more revenue - but to 'look good' (2004-11-15)

Tuition looking UP (2004-11-11)
- Students react

Cost of attending 4-year schools up 10 percent from '03 (2004-11-08)

Tuition team nears deliberation deadline (2004-10-29)

Flat-rate tuition successful, "UT officials say" (2004-10-27)
- analysis: Speeding Up the Students

Public University Tuition Rises Sharply Again for '04 (2004-10-20)

Report confirms tuition trends (2004-10-20)

Fees Report Triggers University of Nairobi Riot (2004-09-17)

ISSUES IN-DEPTH: Senators skeptical as universities praise tuition deregulation (2004-07-23)

UCLA Chancellor Calls for possible doubling of tuition (Will Texas be so honest?) (2004-10-08)

Daily Texan open letter to UT System officials (2004-10-07)

Boost sought for veterans college plan (2004-09-30)

Tuition outstrips financial aid (2004-09-28)

Texas has work to do on higher education (2004-09-20)
- UT Watch responds

We're #1: Texas tops tuition hikes nationally! (2004-09-08)

Action needed on tuition fees (2004-09-05)

No more money coming, legislator tells universities (2004-08-11)

University delegates defend increasing tuition rates (2004-08-11)
- UT Watch responds

Presidential campaigns address problem of high college tuitions (2004-08-04)

U. of H Daily Cougar: Flat-rate tuition makes sense (2004-07-29)
- UT Watch responds

Faulkner: students now taking more hours (2004-07-29)

Tuition deregulation: 1 year later (2004-07-21)

Rutgers Increases Tuition 8%, as Much as State Will Allow (2004-07-13)

UM student protest tuition hikes with hunger strike (2004-06-17)

Students borrow more as education costs increase (2004-06-15)

Viewpoint: UT shouldn't oppose federal tuition oversight (2004-06-07)

Viewpoint: Faulkner passes buck on enrollment report (2004-06-02)

California System fees to go up (2004-05-21)

UT wants to put cap on Top 10 admissions (2004-05-12)

Rising tuition cause for high-income enrollment increase (2004-05-01)

UT Watch sparks interest in tuition policy (2004-04-30)

Texan VIEWPOINT: What's the point? (of doing stuff...) (2004-04-28)
- UT Watch responds

As Wealthy Fill Top Colleges, New Efforts to Level the Field (2004-04-22)

Tuition at A&M-CC to rise 34% (2004-04-02)

UH students wincing at latest tuition hike (2004-04-02)

1500 Melbourne students protest fee increases (2004-04-01)

A&M regents approve 21 percent tuition increase (2004-03-28)

Students name Craddick 'Enemy of Education' (2004-03-25)

A&M students build 'Tuitionville' protesting tuition increase (2004-03-25)

UT-Arlington student gives blood to cover tuition hike (2004-03-22)

Tuition hikes haven't caused influx of new applicants yet (2004-03-22)

Why America's young are being crushed by debt—and why no one seems to care (2004-03-20)

B-On-Time Unfair to Students Who Work (2004-03-13)

Texas won't pay tuition for classes taken 3 or more times (2004-02-26)

Students Might Face New Fee for Re-Enrolling in Classes (2004-02-22)

Houston Chronicle: Where were the skeptics on tuition dereg (uhhh.... right here!) (2004-02-19)

How to Raise Tuition 101 (2004-02-12)

SG Committee looking at using tuition to make students take more classes (2004-02-11)

Across Europe, an Outcry Over Paying for College (2004-02-04)

Yudof defends skyrocketing tuition (2004-01-30)

A university, not a business (2004-01-28)

Students wary of task force advice (2004-01-28)

Task force poses top 10 percent cap and shoving students through UT faster (2004-01-27)

Regents finalize tuition increases for fall 2004 (2004-01-26)

Study shows inverse relationship between tuition increases and enrollment (pdf) (2004-01-24)

Center claims higher costs kept 250,000 people out of college (2004-01-22)

Tuition Deregulation will cost, not save, state more money (2004-01-20)

Lawmakers grill administrators on tuition hikes (2004-01-21)

Florida rebuffs tuition dereg (2003-12-09)

Top universities fail to back Blair on tuition fees (2003-12-07)

Opinion: Rein in Tuition Dereg (2003-12-07)

Higher Tuition leading to fewer applicants at UT? (2003-12-02)

The cost of higher tuition (2003-11-30)

UT Regents adopt tuition increases (2003-11-18)

UT ignores Dewhurst's plea on tuition (2003-11-16)

Dewhurst questions tuition increases (2003-11-15)

High School student questions tuition increase (2003-11-11)

Graduate, law students may face increases in addition to flat-rate hike (2003-11-05)

Tuition proposals submitted to UT System (2003-11-05)
- UT Watch responds

Tuition, fees at Texas' universities more than double '93 level (2003-10-24)

1500 UT-Arlington signatures on petition against tuition increases (2003-10-22)

Public College Tuition Rose 14% in '03, Survey Finds (2003-10-22)

Mother ambushes British Education Secretary over student debt (2003-10-20)

Faulkner favors heavier student course loads by using flat rate tuition (2003-10-17)

Bill holds university liable for tuition increases (2003-10-17)

Viewpoint: College for fewer Texans? (2003-10-15)

Fewer students will receive TEXAS grants (2003-10-14)

Tuition fees gain allure in Europe (2003-10-13)

Tuition will rise by more than $722 over the next two semesters (2003-10-08)

Tuition increase plan due Tuesday (2003-10-06)

UT officials unclear on tuition law's stipulation, could cost students money (2003-10-02)

Dismal turn out at Tuition Forum (2003-09-25)

British Lib Dems call for abolition of tuition fees (2003-09-23)

UT Tuition Policy Committee presents misleading data [see UT Watch's counterarg] (2003-09-19)
- UT Watch responds

Colleges Caught in a Vise (2003-09-18)

Tuition Policy Committee to open its meetings...sort of... (2003-09-16)

High Tuition Debts and Low Pay Drain Public Interest Law (2003-09-12)

Colleges brace for bigger classes and less bang for more bucks (2003-08-27)

Public College Tuition Increases Prompt Concern, Anguish and Legislation (2003-08-30)

Texas college students footing extravagant bill (2003-09-08)

Students look to loans to finance rising costs, increasing total borrowing by $6M (2003-09-11)

UT Watch, other students denied access to tuition meeting (2003-09-11)

G.O.P. Plan Would Restrict Rise in Tuition (2003-09-05)

Opinion: Administration gets its deregulation (2003-09-04)

Faulkner to hear tuition ideas from committee (2003-09-03)

State colleges increasing tuition rates (2003-08-11)

Tuition policy committee's duties outlined (2003-08-06)

8 Students Sue University of California Over Fee Increases (2003-07-28)

Top Colleges' Change on Aid Could Help the Middle Class (2003-07-27)

Long After Graduation, Alumni Return for Job Help (2003-07-27)

Illinois Enacts Plan to Freeze Tuition Rates at Its Colleges (2003-07-25)

Tuition committee to set rates (2003-07-22)

Tens of Thousands Will Lose College Aid (2003-07-18)

Oklahoma lawmakers regret passing tuition deregulation (2003-07-17)

Students rewarded for taking fewer hours to graduate (2003-07-17)

Bush may target higher ed's rising cost (2003-07-07)

Controlling the Price of College (2003-07-07)

Growing border-zone schools in fiscal vice (2003-06-26)

Congressional Panels Vote to Hold Down Spending on Student Aid (2003-06-26)

Former students face legal action for unpaid loans (2003-06-24)

The Silent Killer of Minority Enrollment (2003-06-17)

UT administrators creating committee to set tuition rates (2003-06-17)

Deregulation: More Harm than Good (2003-06-16)

Change in Aid Formula Shifts More Costs to Students (2003-06-13)

Middle-Income Students to Bear the Brunt of Tuition Deregulation (2003-06-08)

Texas Tomorrow May Cost UT Money (2003-06-07)

Students Want Input in Tuition Setting Process (2003-06-05)

Legislature Deregulates Tuition (2003-06-02)

Craddick Demands Deregulation; Legislature to Vote Today (2003-06-01)

Tuition Deregulation Still a Matter of Concern (2003-05-29)

Bill allows for deregulation after 2005 (2003-05-28)

Deregulation stalls budget talks (2003-05-26)

Tuition deregulation being revived (2003-05-24)

Tuition Deregulation Shelved by Senate Panel (2003-05-20)

Tuition deregulation bill passes in House (2003-04-30)

Tuition Minefield at State Schools (2003-05-01)

Business Week explores colleges in crisis, suggests solutions (hint, hint UT admin!) (2003-04-27)

Tuition Deregulation out of Senate Bill (2003-04-16)

Tuition Plans: Pay Now, Pay Later (2003-04-13)

UT Watch uncovers unused funds that could be used to cover budget shortfall (2003-04-08)

Attack on Colleges' Aid to Minorities Widens (2003-03-30)

A Timeline of Resistance Against Tuition Deregulation (2003-03-29)

Students Lobby Against Tuition Deregulation (2003-03-26)

Student Groups join against tuition deregulation (2003-03-18)

UT Watch meets with A&M Graduate Students about tuition deregulation (2003-03-19)

UT Watch report on 3/17 Faculty Council Meeting (2003-03-17)

Proof that deregulation is not the plan to pursue (2003-03-17)

U. Oklahoma students say tuition bill not needed (2003-03-12)

Chancellors meet to discuss deregulation, increasing the costs of college (2003-03-12)

More Students Line Up at Financial Aid Office (2003-03-10)

British plan to close class gaps in higher education met with controversy (2003-03-04)

UT System to spend nearly $250 million on new building projects despite financial crisis (2003-03-04)

A&M President would only support tuition deregulation as 'last resort' (2003-02-27)

New York students hike across state to protest 35% tuition hike (2003-02-26)

New York's higher education woes (2003-02-28)

Texas universities debate tuition deregulation (Texas Tech U.) (2003-02-26)

Toppling SG guarantees tuition deregulation (2003-02-24)

Legislature should hold onto tuition authority (2003-02-20)


UT Profits from Prisons (2006-02-10)

Venture capital firm with loads of Utimco money calls it quits (2005-07-16)

UT-Austin's CFO opposes new "Strategic Initiatives" fund to be controlled by Regents (2005-07-14)

Regents OK new investment strategy for UTIMCO, a more centralized approach (2005-07-11)

Austin Ventures doesn't want UTIMCO money: veiled threat to lawmakers over HB 223? (2005-03-23)

Bill aims at public fund disclosures: Officials say rule could discourage partnerships (2005-01-20)
- UT Watch Responds (2005-01-20)

Universities graduate to venture capital (2005-01-18)

Venture returns: good, bad, ugly (2004-12-13)

Despite UTIMCO's large growth, UT schools will see no gain 'in the near future' (2004-12-07)

UTIMCO and Secrecy: He who sits on cash hoard gets to write the rules (2004-12-03)

Unfarallon coalition calls for fund disclosure (2004-11-10)
- More on Unfarallon

NEWS BRIEF: UTIMCO may lose relationship with Austin Ventures (2004-11-09)

EDITORIAL: Insisting on transparency in state investments (2004-10-22)
- UT Watch recommends full disclosure

UT Regent Hunt: Why full disclosure isn't always in Texas' interest (2004-10-22)

Disclose public investments, Abbott urges (2004-10-04)

UT regents approves new UTIMCO board members (2004-09-28)

UT boosts pay scale for fund managers (2004-09-29)

Information Warfare at the Texas Growth Fund (2004-09-10)

Secrecy in investing the public's money is not good for Texas (2004-09-09)

UT System approves UTIMCO changes (2004-08-13)

$38 Million Oil, Gas Lease Sale Best in Decades for University of Texas System (2004-05-21)

UT Regents seek more control over investments (2004-04-30)

UTIMCO chief took outside role without permission (2004-04-18)

Students band together to urge responsible college investment (2004-04-21)

Student coalition opposes university ties to Farallon (2004-04-08)
- UT Watch responds

Students at 5 universities join in fight against hedge fund (2004-03-24)

Texas Growth Fund Investments (2004-03-15)

End of the Line for Texas Growth Fund? (2004-03-15)

Students at 5 Universities Push for Information About Hedge Fund's Investments (2004-03-03)
- UT Watch responds

Regents order UTIMCO review (2004-02-09)

UT regents' chief forms financial review panel (2004-02-04)

UTIMCO debate has implications for UT (2004-02-01)

UTIMCO votes to up salaries (2004-01-21)

Arch, UT giving birth to firm (2004-01-12)

Rift over UTIMCO pay (2004-01-14)

UT regents order review of UTIMCO (2003-12-27)

UTIMCO hiding venture capital returns (2003-11-24)

UTIMCO to Fund Biotech Startups (2003-11-12)

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