UT System Chancellor Mark Yudof's Paycheck

Mark Yudof

Mark Yudof, UT System Chancellor

$787,319 + perks, allowances, house, travel, and hard hat.

see also Chancellor Compensation (effective FY 2003)

While UT staff and professors suffer from substandard wages, high-level administrators enjoy sky-high salaries. Just as it is in the corporate world, the gap between the people at the top and the people at the bottom is huge - and growing. Chancellor Yudof and President Faulkner act like brazen CEOs and CFOs, accepting bloated salaries while their corporation (errrr... university) suffers from financial straits and underpaid employees.

"The only limits are our creativity."


-Yudof addressing the Regents' new found power in setting tuition.

Highest-Paid in Higher Education

On August 23rd, 2002, the Austin American-Statesman and the New York Times picked up on a Chronicle of Higher Education report which listed the highest-paid persons in higher education. Recently-appointed UT System Chancellor Mark Yudof topped the list at $787,319, approximately 12 times as much as the average UT-Austin professor makes per year. 91% of this amount comes from "private donations. In fact, all nine members of the Board of Regents donated money to help bankroll UT's newest fat cat, furthering the collusion of people at the highest level of the University. Yudof, allegedly, is an educator but one begins to wonder who he is actually beholden to: the students and the people of Texas or his paymasters.

When confronted by reporters on the size and source of his salary, Yudof complained that "[he] is yet to make half of [the] football coach at Minnesota or at Texas." Maybe someone should remind him that he is a public servant while Mack Brown, who recently received a 17% pay raise to $1.7 million, is a football coach. Yudof went on to quibble over the $172,000 one-time compensation UT paid him for retirement benefits he lost when he left Minnesota. Yudof insisted that this shouldn't be factored into his 2002-2003 salary. Regardless, it seems that the money he is given could be better used by the many, many underpaid faculty and staff members below him.

Yudof enjoys, free of charge, the luxuries of the Bauer House, a mansion owned by UT. This grandiose home could easily be featured in "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous." UT is spending $600,000 to renovate the house so Yudof can have a nice, comfortable place to figure out ways to fix the deplorable restrooms in Garrison.