Advantages of Being Part of a Business Directory

Sometimes we look for the most complicated and bizarre ways to grow our business, and we miss some more straightforward ways. In this article, we want to talk to you about one of the easiest ways to gain notoriety on the internet: being part of a business directory.

A business directory is a web portal that collects an extensive list of companies. Business directories usually classify companies by type of activity, location, or other parameters you can select in your search engine.

The information that usually appears in a directory is the name or trade name of the company, the website, the telephone number, the NIF, the VAT number, the contact email, the physical address, and the main activity of the company.

In addition, there are directories where you can find much more information: the history of the company, its market niche, the number of employees, the services it offers, a direct contact form, or even, if the company authorizes it, the data on your billing, sales evolution and the annual statement of accounts.

The directories of companies are used to make it easier for users who browse the internet to find you. These web portals receive thousands of daily visits, increasing the probability that Internet users will find your company.

Adding your company to a business directory has several advantages:

Increase in customers and leads

The main advantage is that you can attract customers and leads. Even so, you must be aware that users will find several of your competitors in the directory, so speed, friendliness, and efficiency will be essential to close the sale.

Internet visibility

Although the link that directories usually put is not followed (it does not positively affect the SEO of your website), it does help you position your company’s name on the internet. This way, when someone searches for your business name on Google, they can see that you appear in one or more directories. This fact usually gives more confidence to customers when hiring a company.

Know your competitors

As we mentioned, your competitors will also be part of the company directories. Reviewing the directory results, you can keep up to date with the companies in your sector that are in your exact location.

On the other hand, if you don’t know in which directories it is recommended that you appear, we can recommend a little trick: search for your competitors on Google and write down the directories in which they appear. This way, you will know exactly which directories you should also appear.

How much does it cost to be part of a business directory?

Most directories are free. Even so, if you want your company to rank better than your competitors, you have the possibility of paying to appear in the first search results. Also, you increase the probability of generating new contacts.

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