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Welcome to the UT Watch archives of student publications, theses, dissertations, and research guides! We at UT Watch recognize the hard work of our predecessors and would like to share their resources with the rest of the UT community. Many issues that affected students many years before UT Watch are still pertinent: whether it's the militarization of public universities or the sleaze of corporations profiting from public money while students struggle to pay increasingly high tuition and fee rates.

We welcome you to read any and all of the following:

Alternative Student Newspapers:

Some of these can be found at UT libraries. We also have our own archive, so contact us if you can't find them.

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Storming the Tower: A Primer for Student Organizing at the University of Texas (UT Watch backup copy)

Guide to Researching Your Campus - a UT Watch publication by Nick Schwellenbach (Summer 2003)

Brief Guide to Researching Your Campus - by Rich Cowan (circa 1990)

CorpWatch Research Guide, guide to researching corporations (January 2004)

Diversity Resources, by the Daily Texan (September 2004)

FOIA Files: Learning the Power of Open Records Requests in Texas by UT Watch (September 2007)
-See also Open Records Resources - Quick Guide by UT Watch

The Tyranny of Structurelessness (1970) by Jo Freeman. A Must Read for Any New Activist! Freeman addresses the "leaderless" and "structureless" organizations that pervade, and weigh down, the activist community that are often formed as natural reaction against the our overstructured society. These groups often have hidden hierarchies that aren't addressed due to lack of structure.

Basics of Organizing: You Can't Build a Machine Without Nuts and Bolts by Shel Trapp (September 1985)

A History of Graduate Student Organizing and Unionization in the U.S. and at UT by Robert Ovetz (Fall 1992)

Organizing Graduate Students Guide by Gordon Lafer, a Dissent pamphlet (Fall 2001)

A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste, A Guide to the Demilitarization of America's Youth and Students, by the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation (2005). See 2003 Demil guide by Fiat Pax

UT (Dis)orientation Guide (Fall 2001) {page 42 missing}

Guide to What Every Freshman Should Know by UT Watch (Fall 2003)

Anti-War Resource Guide by Jordan Buckley (Fall 2002)

Dissertations and theses:

Entrepreneurialization, Resistance and the Crisis of the Universities: A Case Study of UT by Robert Ovetz (December 1996)

History of Student Activism at the University of Texas at Austin (1960-1988) by Beverly Burr (Spring 1988)

University Inc. by Kyle Richard Henry (Spring 1999). This is a thesis documentary on how UT has been changing significantly to favor corporate interests. The closing of the film program at UT is an example of how UT's corporate ideology gains them profit while ignoring the needs of its students. Check out the film; it's at the UGL.

People's Power, Educational Democracy and Low Intensity War : The UNAM Student Strike, 1999-2000 by Alan Eladio Gomez (May 2002)

The Rag: A Study in Underground Journalism by Susan Torian Olan (August 1981). This thesis is essentially a biography of the Rag, an underground newspaper at UT from 1966-1977, born in the backyard of Texas President Lyndon Baines Johnson during the height of the Vietnam War. The Rag served as a conduit for social activism, and social activism was the motivation for all of the unpaid work that went into the magazine for 11 impressive years. This thesis is replete with interviews and has a few interesting (but not fully investigated) aspects of the Rag such as feminism's role in the magazine and the death of George Vizard. Good read for those interested in the underground press.

Resources by UT Watch members:


Public Institution - Private Agenda: The University of Texas System's Campaign for Tuition Deregulation by UT Watch (April 2004)

A 33-year Trend in Tuition and Fees: The Cost of Attending the University of Texas at Austin by UT Watch (September 2002)


UT Watch Commentary on the Commission of 125 Report by UT Watch (February 2005)

The Rise of Network Universities: Higher Education in the Knowledge Economy by John Pruett and Nick Schwellenbach (April 2004)

Managing Intellectual Labor: A Response to Yudof's Theory of Hybrid Universities by John Pruett (October 2003)

- Higher tuitions: Harbinger of a Hybrid University? - by Mark G. Yudof, Change (Magazine), March/April 2002 Issue


2005 (dis)orientation guide (September 2005)

2004 Higher Education Voter's Guide - a guide to how local candidates stand on issues pertaining to higher education, by UT Watch (October 2004)

Why the UT Interests in Nukes? - A look into some liabilities in managing Los Alamos National Laboratory and alleged benefits to the University of Texas, by UT Watch (August 2004)

Fact sheet on UT and Los Alamos - by UT Watch (July 2004)

Bevo Bucks the Students - a rebuttal to administrative claims about rising tuition at UT-Austin, by UT Watch (Spring 2004)

Budget Analysis of the University of Texas at Austin: A Student's Perspective - talking points on UT-Austin's budget, by UT Watch (October 2003)

Information on UT Watch Activities

UT Watch Legislative Agenda for the 79th Legislative Session (Spring 2005)

UT Watch's Tent City, April 20-22, 2005


How UT Learned to Love the Bomb: The University of Texas makes a bid to run Los Alamos, by Forrest Wilder (September 2005)

Interview with Jennifer Washburn, author of University Inc: The Corporate Corruption of Higher Education, by Nick Schwellenbach (March 2005)

More Illegal Lobbying By College Administrators? by Pedro de la Torre (March 2005)

Institutional Interests: How Los Alamos is driving the development of new nuclear weapons by Nick Schwellenbach and John Pruett (November 2004)

Offensive Biology: Is Bio-"Defense" a Bust? (en Italiano) by Nick Schwellenbach (October 2004)

Los Alamos: Learning to Love the Bomb by Austin Van Zant (April 2004)

Speeding Up the Students: UT as a Factory by Nick Schwellenbach and Callison Alcott (April 2004)

From National Defense to Security Threat: An Interview with Greg Mello on Los Alamos by John Pruett (March 2004)

Public Institution-Private Agenda: Behind the scenes the UT Regents and the UT System push legislation against the public interest by Nick Schwellenbach (February 2004)

The Global Sell-Out of Higher Education: The WTO's Agenda and UT by Nick Schwellenbach (November 2003)

Test Tube Kids: UT's East Austin Charter School by Forrest Wilder and David Peterson (December 2002)


Top 10 Percent Law Vital by By Katie Shepherd and Dominique Cambou (March 2005)

UT System needs 'true vision' in Los Alamos bid by State Rep. Lon Burnam and Austin Van Zant (December 2004)

Democracy in Nuclear Decision-Making by UT Watch (November 2004)

Education debate hurting taxpayers by John Pruett (June 2004)

Latest Los Alamos move covertly favors UT by John Pruett (June 2004)

Stories from Huffines' past show flaws in regent selection by John Pruett (June 2004)

Lobbying Against Students by Nick Schwellenbach and Austin Van Zant (May 2004)

Atomic Details: Involvement with a nuclear lab is a big risk for the UT System by Nick Schwellenbach (March 2004)

Enrollment Report Hurts All Students by Nick Schwellenbach (March 2004)

How to Raise Tuition 101 by David Peterson (February 2004)

Secrecy pervades University by Forrest Wilder (October 2003)

Tuition Costs Tied to School by Austin Van Zant (September 2003)

To exonerate the University from charges of social irresponsibility, students must learn more about each case by Forrest Wilder (April 2002)

Selling Education to the Highest Bidder by Forrest Wilder and David Peterson (March 2002)

Why isn't a flagship state University five blocks from the Legislature getting enough money to fix leaky faucets and renovate crumbling buildings? by Forrest Wilder and David Peterson (February 2002)

One would think that a man who gets paid $432,000 a year to run the nation's largest university might foresee a five-year, $500 million dollar budget shortfall. by Forrest Wilder and David Peterson (January 2002)

Even though UT students pay only slightly more tuition and fees, UC-Berkeley students enjoy smaller classes, better student-to-faculty ratios and greater national prestige. by Forrest Wilder and David Peterson (January 2002)

Recommended Books

Our Invaded Universities: Form, Reform and New Starts; a Nonfiction Play for Five Stages (1974) by Ronnie Dugger presents a history of the University of Texas with a particular focus on the era of Regent Frank Erwin. The book also discusses the commercialization and militarization of universities.

The Tower and the Dome; a Free University Versus Political Control (1971) by Homer P. Rainey, former president of UT-Austin, recounts his struggle with the UT System Board of Regents and Texas Governor W. Lee "Pappy" O'Daniel.

North Toward Home (1967) by Willie Morris, a former editor of the Daily Texan, recounts his experiences at UT-Austin during the 1950s. Morris later worked for the Texas Observer and as editor of Harper's magazine.

The Daily Texan : The First 100 Years (1999) by Tara Copp and Robert L. Rogers

The Forty Acres Follies: An Opinionated History of the University of Texas (1983) by Joe Bertram Frantz, former UT professor of history

Deschooling Society (1971) by Ivan Illich. Illich blasts the contemporary idolatry of "education" and systems that perpetuate the status quo. Schooling removes removes young peole from their families, their community, society and nature. Illich promotes creating learning communities.

Pedagogy of the Oppressed (1970) by Paulo Freire.

Fighting Toxics - A Manual for Protecting Your Family, Community and Workplace (1990) by Gary Cohen and John O'Conner ed. Island Press: Covelo, CA.

A Troublemaker's Handbook - How to Fight Back Where You Work - And Win! (1991) by Dan La Botz. Labor Notes Books: Detroit, MI.

CIA Off Campus - A Do-It-Yourself Handbook (1990) by Ami Chen Mills. Bill of Rights Foundation: Chicago, IL.

Leasing the Ivory Tower: The Corporate Takeover of Academia (1995) by Lawrence C. Soley. South End Press: Boston, MA.

Toxic Sludge is Good for You - Lies, Damn Lies, and the Public Relations Industry (1995) by John Stauber and Sheldon Rampton. Common Courage: Monroe, ME.

Study War No More - UPC's Guide to Uncovering the Right Wing on Campus (1994) by the University Conversion Project (UCP). UCP: Cambridge, MA.

Other Resources:

Freeport Files originally compiled by Robert S. Boyer

Hey UT, Let's Call It Amungme Hall - background on the naming of the Jim Bob Moffett building, by Steven Feld (March 1995)

Turning Resistance into Rebellion: Student Movements and the Entrepreneurialization of the Universities by Robert Ovetz (Spring 1996)

Who Rules Columbia? Original 1968 Strike Edition by University of Columbia students (page 22 missing)

Throwing Away the Ladder (1975) by George Caffentzis.

Sabotaging the Dissident Press: The untold story of the secret offensive waged by the U.S. government against antiwar publications by Angus Mackenzie. Columbia Journalism Review. March-April, 1981, pp. 57-63.

Travel Reports(pdf) obtained by UT Watch documenting travel by UT faculty and administrators to Washington, DC (note: large file size)

StratCom on Campus: The Global Innovation and Strategy Center at UNO by By Tim Rinne, State Coordinator for Nebraskans for Peace (September 2007)

Victory! The Washington University Sit-In for a Living Wage (April 2005)

Exposing the Textbook Industry: How Publishers' Pricing Tactics Drive Up the Cost of College Textbooks by The State PIRGs (February 2007). See all past versions.

Protection or Proliferation? High Containment Labs and Other Facilities of the US Biodefense Program by The Sunshine Project (February 2006). Previous version of map: Backyard Bioweapons: America's Multi-Billion Dollar Biodefense Spending Spree by The Sunshine Project (April 2003, Version 4). Periodically updated at The Sunshine Project Biodefense Research webpage

The Direction of Higher Education by Fiat Pax (May 2004)

Mizzou, Inc.(pdf) - a guide to Corporate Biotech Influence at U. Missouri-Columbia, by Students for Progressive Action and The Polaris Institute

Highlights of the 78th Texas Legislature by the UT System on what their lobbying accomplished (June 2003)