Announcement from the General Association of Salvadoran University Students:

The university will not die

November 1990; page 15; Volume 2, No. 2

SAN SALVADOR, Oct. 18, 1990

The General Association of Salvadoran University Students (AGEUS) denounces before the national and international community the fact that on Thursday, October 18, troops from the First Infantry Brigade, with reinforcement from armored vehicles and tanks, positioned themselves in a threatening manner around the University of El Salvador campus.

This act arises from plans designed by Death Squad President Alfredo Cristiani and the High Command of the Armed Forces to militarily invade the UES once again with the objective of privatizing the Alma Mater of the Salvadoran people. This violation would leave more than 30,000 students, who do not have the economic resources to pay, without an education.

We also denounce the fact that during the last days, Cristiani and the High Command have begun a disinformation campaign tying the UES to violent acts and the next supposed FMLN offensive. This campaign is nothing more than a device to prepare the ground for another invasion of the UES campus.

Therefore, we call on all the international organizations, sister universities, national unions and the Salvadoran people to lend their solidarity, so that together we will stop the enemies of science and culture from setting foot on our University campus again.

The people will not be silenced with tanks and machine guns!

We want to study without a military encirclement!

The University of El Salvador refuses to die!