CCPJ member assaulted by UTPD officer

Wednesday, 3/19/03

Some time between 11:00pm and 11:30pm on Wednesday night, Jon Bougie and two other CCPJ members were scrawling antiwar chalk messages on the West Mall. As preparation for the antiwar rally to be held on Thursday, other members were making flyers and posting them up around campus.

When they returned, they discovered Jon in handcuffs, blood dripping from the side of his head, and police officers questioning him and detaining the other two members who had been chalking.

Matt, an eye witness who asked that his last name not be given, gave his account of the event: He [Jon] was bending down and writing on the wall with chalk. A cop tip-toed up to him kinda quiet so he couldn't be heard and slammed his head into the wall with no warning.

UT Police Officer Koffee (#877) was the cop who slammed Jon. Other officers at the scene include Officer Laureles (#915), Michael Wusterhausen (#1187), V. Benavides (#1003) who questioned Thomas and Michael, an unnamed officer with badge number 1186, Kevin Parker (#1988) with EMS, and Jason Gilliam (#1624) with EMS.

While we photographed the scene, officers surrounded Jon and attempted to block us from capturing his wounds on camera. Luckily we were able to obtain one which shows the blood dripping from Jon's face.

After about an hour of questioning, Jon went to the emergency room for stiches. The violence had broken Jon's glasses and due to his poor vision, Jon was unable to see who exactly was questioning him during the interrogation.

The police officers initially resisted giving their badge numbers. One began giving his badge number, but another officer said something to the effect of "Please step back and wait while we talk to him." The original officer was asked again for his badge and he replied, "Nevermind, I thought you were someone else."

Bougie has issued the following demands:
1. UTPD and the UT administration must apologize for the incident.
2. The officer must be removed from duty.
3. UT must rescind all disciplinary charges issued against antiwar activists for the 2/15/03 WalkOut.